I have a roommate ... now what? 

Living with one or more roommates can be one of the best experiences you have while at the University of Guelph. It’s a chance to develop friendships and share the experience of University. If you are moving into residence, this could be the first time that you are meeting your roommate(s). This may also be your first time sharing a room and therefore you will need to learn how your behaviour and actions can both positively and negatively impact others. 


Starting off on the right foot 

Whether you are living with old friends or complete strangers, the secrets to success are communication and compromise. There are a few things that you can do prior to moving in to help get things started off on the right foot: 

  1. Share basic information about yourselves with each other 

  1. Discuss what everyone is going to bring and what you might share and what might be off-limits 

  1. Start having conversations about things like sleeping and studying habits, cleanliness etc. 


Talk it out 

Even the best of friends can disagree from time to time. If an issue develops between you and your roommate(s) here are a few steps you can take: 

  1. Have a conversation with your roommate and try to come to a solution everyone can agree to. Let each person share their point of view without interrupting.  When you feel you understand each other, it will be easier to find solutions. 

  1. Try to be open to compromise.  What is it you actually need in this situation? 

  1. If the issue still continues, then speak with your Residence Assistant (RA) for support. 


Make a plan

Creating an agreement is a great way to discuss some of the most common issues that happen when sharing space with someone new. Check out these resources, and speak to your Residence Assistant if you need any extra support. 

Roommate Agreement Template  (for Double Rooms, Triple Rooms, etc.) 

Suitemate Agreement Template (for East Residence) 

Suitemate Agreement Template (for West Residence, Lambton Suites and East Village) 


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