Cancellations and Refunds


How to Cancel Your Residence Contract

If you have not moved in:

To cancel your residence application, send an email through your email account to

If you have moved in:

We are sorry to see you go, but we understand that there are many reasons why students chose to leave residence.  After you have cleared out your room, simply return your keys to your Residence Desk.    If you have withdrawn from courses and are no longer a registered student, you are no longer eligible to live in residence and must check-out of residence within 48 hours of withdrawal.

Refund of Residence Fees

Once you have returned your keys, a pro-rated refund of your residence fees will be applied to your student account, based on the date of your check-out, MINUS the forfeiture of your residence deposit (if applicable).

All refunds are processed through Student Financial Services to your student account.  If you have a credit balance, you will receive a direct deposit to your bank account if you have completed the Direct Deposit (EFT) Information form.


Forfeiture of Deposit

Under the terms of the Residence Contract, the penalty for cancelling your contract with us is the forfeiture of your residence deposit.  Depending on when you cancel, the forfeiture will be either $250 or $750.

  • Fall/Winter application:  $250 forfeiture ($500 refund) of the $750 application deposit if you cancel your application on or before July 15th.  After July 15, the full $750 deposit is forfeited (no refund).

Important Notes:

  • If you cancel your application and your deposit has not been paid, any applicable cancellation charge will be added to your student account with Student Financial Services.
  • Initiating a residence deposit appeal does NOT cancel your application/contract.
  • Notifying any other department that you do not wish to attend the University or live in residence does not cancel your application/contract you must contact us (Student Housing) directly by email.

Please see the Residence Contract regarding terminations, deadlines, forfeitures and refunds. Students who wish to appeal the forfeiture of their deposit must do so within 30 days of terminating the contract. For more information about Deposit Appeals, see the Billing Appeals section of our website.

Income Tax Receipts

All University of Guelph residences are designated residences for property tax and rent purposes, meaning that residence fees cannot be claimed as rent payments on income tax returns. The only claim that is allowed is $25 for the year (with no receipt necessary). For this reason, the University does not issue tax receipts for residence fees.

photo of student holding residence door