Personal Safety in Residence

There are a number of systems and resources within residence that support your personal safety, some of which are listed below:

  • Guest Table Staff help to ensure guests of residents are registered

  • Emergency yellow call boxes are located in the entrance of each residence

  • You will receive a card holder on move in day for your ID with important numbers 

  • Residence Life Staff and Student Housing Porters conduct nightly rounds of each residence

  • Exterior doors are alarmed and have card access

  • Residence Life Staff facilitate bystander awareness and education

  • Your room location is never released without your permission

  • Campus Community Police have an active and welcomed presence within your residence, be sure to say hello to your Residence Officer!

  • Residence Life and Desk Services staff are available should you need assistance or have any questions

  • Safe Walk is available to you every night from 7:30pm to 2:30am for an escorted walk on campus

Keep you and your things safe by following a few tips!

  • Report any suspicious activity to Campus Community Police ext. 52245

  • Never prop doors open or leave doors unlocked

  • Don't let others come in to residence behind you if you don't know them

  • Get content insurance for your belongings

  • Check out Campus Community Police's theft prevention programs

  • Do not leave valuables in sight and unsecure

  • Follow all instructions from Residence Life Staff and Campus Community Police during a fire alarm or other emergency

  • Report any behaviour from others that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy

  • Do not lend or loan keys, fobs or ID

  • Register your guests online or at the desk

  • For more information on staying safe visit Campus Community Police