Room Transfers

Two Students Sharing a Room


In-Semester Room Transfers

We understand that sometimes you and your new residence community or roommates or suitemates just don't "click." If you are experiencing challenges in your assigned community or suite, please contact your Resident Assistant or your Residence Life Manager.

Once you have moved in to your residence community, we pause and wait for our residence communities to engage and settle in. In many cases, we find that the overwhelming experience of moving to campus, Orientation Week, establishing networks and starting into the routine of attending your classes has settled down by the end of the second week and the urgency for a room or building transfer is no longer an issue. However, you may still feel that your current location is not working for you.


To initiate a Room Transfer 

Transfer Requests can only be granted when and where vacancies exist within our residences. In emergency situations, transfer requests will be considered -- please contact your Residence Assistant or Residence Manager in situations that require direct intervention. Please note: if you are transferred to a different room type, your residence fees will be adjusted accordingly on a prorated basis.

Once a transfer has been granted, you cannot opt to move back to your original assignment.

Submit a Room Transfer Request by logging to your Housing Portal and complete the Room Transfer Request Form.

NOTE:  The Room Transfer Form for non-medical requests opens on September 20.


Pre Move-in Room Transfers

Once residence assignments are released, you may find that you were not assigned to the specific building or room type that you listed as a preference on your application.  We do our very best to assign as many students to their application preferences as possible, but it is not possible to accommodate all preferences.  Room assignments are performed in a methodical way based on your random lottery number and the available vacancies in your preferred location or room type.  For more detailed information about how we process room assignment, see Room Assignments on our website.

Room transfer requests prior to Move-In are not possible.  We suggest that you move in to your assigned location and meet your new community and roommates/suitemates.  If things don't work out as hoped, you can request an In-Semester Room Transfer.

If you have medical requirements that you feel should be exempt and require a room transfer, please submit appropriate documentation through our Accommodation Form process.  Please note:  medical accommodation requests are due June 3.  Once room assignments are complete, it is not always possible to accommodate a room transfer unless vacancies are available.