Room Transfer Request Form


  • Fill out ALL fields.
  • For a Pre-Move-In Transfer Request, do not contact your Residence Manager, as all requests are handled by Residence Admissions staff.
  • For an In-Semester Transfer Request, please contact your Residence Assistant or Residence Manager to attempt to resolve any issues before submitting your Form.
  • Please be aware residence fees may occur as a result of a granted transfer.
  • When you press "Done", your request is sent to Student Housing Services.    
  • You will receive a confirmation page once your form has been submitted successfully.
  • You will not be contacted until we have completed your transfer request.  Once a transfer has been granted, you cannot opt to move back to your original assignment.
  • If you wish to cancel your request at any time, use the form below to nullify your request for a transfer.
  • Should you have difficulties completing this form, please call our office at 519-824-4120 ext. 58701.
Cancelling An Existing Transfer Request
To cancel an existing transfer request, check this box and input your name and student ID number in the form below (you can skip the rest of it). Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.
Terms And Conditions

I agree and understand that:

  1. I must be able to provide a list to Student Housing Services of what I have done to address my concerns about my current assignment;
  2. I must, providing that it is in accordance with my choices outline above, accept the new room transfer made on my behalf;
  3. I must move out of my current room within 24 hours of being notified of my transfer;
  4. This transfer may result in a charge or credit to my student account;
  5. This request remains active until such time as I cancel it as explained above or Student Housing contacts me to cancel .
Enter Current Assignment Information
Enter The Information For Your Transfer
Please select at least one hall. To select multiple choices hold the key continuously while making selections. To indicate any hall available please select all halls by pressing + A.
Please select at least one room type. To select multiple choices hold the key continuously while making selections. To indicate any room type available please select all room types by pressing + A.
This is optional. If you have a particular room number you would like to be considered for placement in please enter it here.

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