Applying to Residence

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It all starts here.

Congratulations on receiving your Offer of Admission to the University of Guelph! 

Residence living at the University of Guelph is an integral part of University life. You aren’t just coming to Guelph – you are coming to the University of Guelph! Living in residence will maximize your opportunities for growth, development and enjoyment of your University experience.

We at Student Housing Services love providing residential environments and services that promote student success. Residence living is your foundational support for changing lives and improving life during your time at the University of Guelph. Our residence buildings circle the campus like a wheel – you live minutes from everywhere you need to be.

We are very proud of being named one of Canada's top comprehensive universities and thrilled that you are joining our community. We believe that living on campus is a great way to start your first year at Guelph! Over 80% of all new incoming students choose to live on campus in their first year. We offer a wide variety of living accommodation styles – from traditional residences with shared common areas to suites and townhouses. Residence life support staff, 24-hour desks, events and programs, and connecting with other new students are only a handful of reasons why residence living is a great way to start your new life as a Gryphon!


2023 Residence Application Guide

Browse the flipbook below to get a snapshot of everything you need to know before applying to residence. 

Click here to access the Application Guide full-screen. To download as a PDF, click here


Residence Priority

We are confident that the University will be able to offer on-campus housing to first-year students who apply and pay their residence deposit by the June 1, 2023, deadline.

Undergraduate International students and Canadian citizens who reside outside of Ontario, and will be attending the University of Guelph for the first time, are guaranteed on-campus housing as long as they apply and pay the residence deposit by June 1, 2023.

For all other first-year students, if demand exceeds supply, a lottery system will be used to allocate spaces. Students will be advised by June 9th, 2023, if they have received a space in residence.

Learn more about residence priority here.


How to Apply Video

We make applying to residence easy! Watch the video below for screenshots and a full walk through of the application process. 



Application Checklist

  1. First, accept your Offer of Admission to the University of Guelph.  Congrats, you are now a Gryphon!
  2. Next, think about what kind of residence experience you would like to have living on campus. 
    1. Browse the application guide above and see the many residence options available. 
    2. Explore our Residence Tours page - 360 tours, videos, and more.
  3. Submit your Residence Application on the Housing Portal
  4. Pay your $750 Residence Deposit to complete your application.


That's it!  Once we receive your residence application and deposit, you will receive an email confirmation to your email address.  We encourage you to check your email account regularly.


Ready to get started? 

Apply Now on the Housing Portal


All students and all student Residence Contracts are subject to the University’s COVID protocols which may be amended from time to time and on short notice.