Applying for Residence

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Congratulations on receiving your Offer of Admission to the University of Guelph! 

Residence living at the University of Guelph is an integral part of University life. You aren’t just coming to Guelph – you are coming to the University of Guelph! Living in residence will maximize your opportunities for growth, development and enjoyment of your University experience.

We at Student Housing Services love providing residential environments and services that promote student success. Residence living is your foundational support for changing lives and improving life during your time at the University of Guelph. Our residence buildings circle the campus like a wheel – you live minutes from everywhere you need to be.

We are very proud of being named one of Canada's top comprehensive universities and thrilled that you are joining our community. We believe that living on campus is a great way to start your first year at Guelph! Over 80% of all new incoming students choose to live on campus in their first year. We offer a wide variety of living accommodation styles – from traditional residences with shared common areas, to suites and townhouses. Residence life support staff, 24 hour desks, events and programs, and connecting with other new students are only a handful of reasons why residence living is a great way to start your new life as a Gryphon!


The Residence Guarantee

Our goal is to welcome as many students as possible to our campus residences in the fall.   In anticipation that a significant number of our incoming students will receive at least a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine prior to the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester, Student Housing Services is pleased to offer guaranteed residence to all first year undergraduate students.


Applications  are currently open for the Fall 2021 waiting list.   Before receiving an offer, you must provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19.    To apply, follow the steps on our How to Apply section or proceed directly to Housing Portal.  


** NEW  **  All students living in residence must be fully vaccinated in order to be eligible to live in residence.   More information.

students sitting in residence with masks on

All students and all student Residence Contracts are subject to the University’s COVID protocols which may be amended from time to time and on short notice. Failure by a student to abide by any COVID protocol could be grounds for student discipline or immediate termination of a student residence contract or both.

Application Checklist

You’ve been accepted! You know you want to live in residence. Now what?  

  1. Submit your Residence Application on the Housing Portal
  2. Pay your $750 Residence Deposit to complete your application.
  3. That's it!  More information will be emailed to you about room assignments.  We encourage you to check your email account regularly.

Application Instructions

Before you fill out your Residence Application, your first question might be “Which is the BEST residence?” We’d like to suggest a better question: “Which is the best residence for ME?”

The answer to that depends on what you’re looking for in your residence experience.

  • Would you like to be with other students from your field of study, or does meeting people from other programs interest you?
  • Does a traditional residence with rooms along a hallway appeal more than a shared apartment-style residence?
  • Is there a particular part of campus you’d like to be close to for access to specific services (ie. Athletic Centre)?

Keep in mind that all the residences offer events throughout the school year – some just for fun, and some with learning in mind.

Look at our Residence Tours to learn about what each residence community has to offer!


APPLY NOW through the Housing Portal