Waiting List

Students walking by Lambton Hall

First-Year Waiting List

The Residence Waiting List is created in the order that BOTH the application and deposit were received. For example, if you completed your residence application on June 1, but paid your deposit on June 6, you will be on the waiting list with a date based on the June 6 date. If you completed your application prior to the deadline of June 1 but did not pay your deposit until June 15, your waiting list position will be based on the June 15 date, even though you completed your residence application on time before the deadline. 

After the Residence deadline has passed, we will assess our ability to offer additional waiting list applicants. If we are full, waiting list applicants will be offered spaces as cancellations allow. However, if there are still spaces remaining, we will make additional offers in the order of the waiting list.

What are my chances of getting an offer from the waiting list?

This is a difficult question for us to answer because each year is different. The number of vacancies that become available for waiting list offers is based on the number of admissions to the University, and the number of students who apply for residence and meet the deadline requirements. We continue to make offers of residence throughout the fall and winter semesters, and we can say with confidence that we have been able to empty the waiting list by the end of the fall semester for the past five years.

What should I do if I don't get an offer by September?

Each situation is unique, so we can't tell you what is best for you. If you live within commuting distance and you would really like to have the first-year residence experience, waiting for a later admission during the summer or fall semester might be an option for you. If you need to live locally, and we cannot offer you a space prior to move-in, you may prefer to look into off-campus housing for the fall semester and enter residence in January. Generally speaking, there are plenty of off-campus housing options available in Guelph. Off-campus housing listings are available through the Off-Campus Living Office.


Upper Year (Returning) Student Waiting List

Once we are advised of the number of new students we are expecting and how many residence spaces they will need, we can see how many are left for returning students. We use a random selection program to assign returning students to the remaining rooms, and once those spaces are taken, a waiting list is started for the students who remain.

Usually, there are some cancellations. When that happens, the students on the waiting list are assigned to those spots.

If you are requesting an assignment with a group, you will be accepted or waitlisted as a group. (We use this method because the student body as a whole has indicated to us that this is what they prefer.) However, when we are able to offer rooms to waitlisted students, it is highly unlikely we will have complete units or areas to offer to an entire group. Therefore, we will place students from the waiting list back into residence individually where the vacancies occur.


Cancelling from the Waiting List

You may cancel without penalty at any time while you are on the waiting list. Please notify the Residence Admissions office as soon as possible, in writing or via your @uoguelph.ca email account to housing@uoguelph.ca 

You will receive a full refund of your deposit if you are still on the waiting list (meaning that you are not yet eligible to be provided with a room assignment). If you are eligible to be assigned when you cancel, the usual cancellation charges will apply.


Extenuating Circumstances

Have some extenuating circumstances? If you think you should be taken off the waiting list, you can initiate a Waiting List Appeal by emailing appeals@uoguelph.ca. Your appeal should also include any supporting documentation (such as medical documents or proof of bank error) in order to validate your appeal and expedite a decision.