Lennox and Addington Hall

Lennox and Addington Hall

Welcome to Lennox and Addington Hall! 

Lennox and Addington, commonly referred to as LA, is a wonderful place to live! The two linked buildingsLennox and Addingtonform one active residence community. 

Hall Features

  • Two buildings linked together - low rise Lennox Hall and high rise Addington Hall
    • Lennox-A, a four-storey traditional-style residence area with single and double rooms accommodating 300 students
    • Lennox-C, a five-storey section with single rooms that houses our Study Intensive Area, houses 50 students
    • Addington, a ten-storey tower with single and double rooms available, with 255 residence spaces
  • Co-ed accommodation laid out to have male and female designated rooms side by side on most floors 
  • Both halls are designed with rooms on both sides of the main corridor
  • Rooms are designed to accommodate one or two students
  • One wing of Lennox (first commons) is designed for wheelchair accessibility
  • The residence is divided into communities by floor
  • Each floor has a lounge (student rooms are located on both sides of the lounge); these lounges are equipped with a kitchenette that includes a microwave
  • The layout of the rooms and lounges allows for plenty of interaction between students
  • Each floor has separate washrooms (including showers and toilets) for males and females
  • Residence rooms are equipped with single beds [mattress size Standard Twin 75"x36"], desks, closets, bookshelves
  • Students must bring their own linen, bedspreads, pillows, towels
  • Students are encouraged to personalize their own space by bringing posters, plants, photos, personal knick-knacks, and energy-efficient fridges
  • Three large building lounges (the Fireplace Lounge, upstairs TV lounge and Lennox C TV lounge) allow for large scale activities to take place - these lounges are available on a drop-in basis or may be reserved for a special function
  • The Games room features pool and ping pong tables. A separate kitchen adjacent to the Fireplace Lounge may be signed out
  • Laundry facilities (located on first and second commons) include washers and dryers
  • A music practice room with a piano available for sign-out
  • A study room with individual study carrels is located on the second floor commons of residence
  • Small group study rooms are also available for study or group work and keys can be signed out at the residence service desk
  • L/A is serviced by two elevators, one located in Addington, the other in Lennox C
  • For safety and security, L/A is locked on a 24 hour per day basis
  • Residents are provided with key card access to their building, and physical keys to their room and mailbox
  • ResNet WiFi in all rooms
  • The L/A Pit snack bar and mini-grocery is also located within the building

Video Tours


NORTH RESIDENCES  - Lennox and Addington Single Room


NORTH RESIDENCES - Lennox and Addington Double Room 



360 Degree Room Tours


360 Lennox Single

Lennox Single

360 Lennox Double

Lennox Double

360 Lennox Double

Lennox Double








Floor Plans


Lennox & Addington Double


Lennox and Addington - Double Room *


Lennox & Addington Single Room

Lennox and Addington - Single Room  *



* Important Note: The floor plan images above represent a TYPICAL room layout in Lennox and Addington Hall. Not all unit layouts and bedrooms are identical.