Academic Support

Student studying


Need some support with your schoolwork? Having a hard time with essays, lab reports or studying for exams? Can’t figure out the library? We can help! 

Members of the Residence Life Staff team organize events throughout the year to help support your studies. If you live in an academic cluster, you also have a Cluster Leader, an upper-year student who has taken many of the same courses in which you are enrolled. Cluster Leaders focus on running events and planning activities specific to your academic needs. 


Academic Drop-In Centres (ADCs) 

Every Monday – Thursday from 7 – 9 PM ET, there will be academic Cluster Leaders (CLs) facilitating in-person ADCs to answer your questions and provide guidance in your studies. 

Ask your CL or RA (Residence Assistant) to access this month’s current ADC schedule themes and resources. 


Academic Programs 

As well, watch for the timetable of special events posted on the Microsoft Teams and on the large Academic bulletin boards located in the main hallways of your building. 

If you are interested in learning about upcoming academic programs and study sessions in residence, feel free to contact the Academic Programmers (APs) by email at  alc-office@uoguelph.caTell them your academic program and contact information, and they'll keep you informed of the resources and sessions being offered to you. 


Supported Learning Groups (SLGs) 

SLGs are weekly peer-led, group study sessions to help students taking historically challenging courses. SLGs are usually hosted in pre-booked library rooms by a peer-leader who has previously taken that course. SLGs are a fun and effective way to study! Come to an SLG to: 

  • Meet students from your class in a small, interactive group format (offered in-person or online format)

  • Gain a better understanding of course content 

  • Test your knowledge before tests and exams. 

To get the days, times and locations for SLGs and to learn how to join online, visit Supported Learning Groups. This program is supported by the library. 


Additional Academic Resources and Support 

  • You can book individual study space in the library or use the library’s quiet or group study floors 

  • Writing a paper? Book an appointment for advice and feedback or use the library’s writing resources for citation information and writing guides 

  • Book an appointment in the library or use the library’s studying resources to develop your skills in studying effectively and managing your time 

  • Academic Bulletin Boards where information is posted about study tips and resources to help you succeed 

  • Each residence offers a variety of study spaces both individual and group 

  • Staff members are given academic information to assist you throughout the year 

  • Time management workshops are run in the month of October to help you learn key tips and tricks to manage their course load 

  • Preparatory workshops are run prior to midterms and exams 

  • Program counsellors, faculty and other academic support staff are invited into residence to meet with you and other students and provide answers to their questions 

  • Stressbusters are run during exams to help you relax and take a break from studying  

  • Quiet hours are enforced each evening and are extended during peak times