Choosing a Residence Preference

Students sitting at a picnic table outside Mountain Hall.

You've made the decision to live on campus. Now what?

Before you fill out your Residence Application, your first question might be “Which is the BEST residence?”

We’d like to suggest a better question: “Which is the best residence for ME?”

The answer to that depends on what you’re looking for in your residence experience.

  • Would you like to be with other students from your field of study, or does meeting people from other programs interest you?
  • Does a traditional residence with rooms a long hallway appeal more than a shared apartment-style residence?
  • Is there a particular part of campus you’d like to be close to for access to specific services (ie. the Athletic Centre)?
  • Do you want quick access to our award-winning dining halls and a meal plan?


We have it all! Let's explore...

Here are all the different ways for you to explore our residence communities:

  1. Download our Residence Viewbook.
  2. Check out each community online by visiting the Our Communities section of our website in the main menu.
  3. Learn about our many Residence Learning Communities - there is something for everyone! 
  4. Explore our Residence Tours - online video and 360-degree tours to take you inside each room type.


The Basics

Keep in mind:

  • all residences offer events and programs throughout the school year – some just for fun, and some with learning in mind.
  • all residences have the same basic amenities in the room -- a standard twin bed, a desk, chair, warddrobe/closet, desk lamp, garbage bin, bulletin board and mirror.
  • all residences are within 5 - 7 minute walk to the centre of campus. 
  • all residences have unlimited ResNet Wifi access. 
  • all residences have a laundry room and community space. 


Am I guaranteed my choice of residence? 

When you fill out your residence application, you are going to tell us your preferences, but we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to the location or room type that you indicate on your application.  For more information about how we do room assignments behind the scenes, visit our Room Assignment page.  If you have a medical accommodation that you would like us to consider before we assign your room, visit our Accommodation page for further instructions.