Residence Fees

Johnston Hall Double Room

Residence Fees

Fees are established in the spring of each year through the Board of Governors for the following academic year cycle.

The fees listed below are inclusive of the $750 residence deposit, which is applied to the Winter semester fees. For example, if the Winter semester fee is $4000, you would pay $3250 in the winter semester, provided that the $750 deposit was paid in full.


Income Tax Receipts

All University of Guelph residences are designated residences for property tax and rent purposes, meaning that residence fees cannot be claimed as rent payments on income tax returns. The only claim that is allowed is $25 for the year (with no receipt necessary). For this reason, the University does not issue tax receipts for residence fees.




Fall 2023 - Winter 2024 Residence Fees

Room Type Campus Area Deposit Fall Semester Winter Semester Total Residence Fee *
(applied to winter semester fees)
(amount owing after $750 deposit applied to fees)
Single Room North and South $750  $4,486  $3,736  $8,972 
Small Single Room South $750 $3,845 $3,095 $7,690
Single Room Johnston Hall $750  $4,552  $3,802  $9,104 
Single Room

Lambton Suite (2 or 3 bdrm)
East Residence
University Houses
West 3 bdrm Townhouse

$750  $4,686  $3,936  $9,372 
Single Room East Village 4-6 bdrm Townhouse $750  $4,996  $4,246  $9,992 
Double Room North and South $750  $3,845  $3,095  $7,690 
Double Room  Johnston Hall $750  $3,896  $3,146  $7,792 
Double Room East Residence $750  $4,163  $3,413  $8,326 
Double Room w. ensuite Gordon Hall $750 $4,486 $3,736 $8,972
Triple Room North and South $750  $3,570  $2,820  $7,140 
Quad Room North and South $750  $3,423  $2,673  $6,846 



2.  Fall/Winter Contract - Additional Fees and Charges 

In addition to the above-noted Fees, the following additional charges will apply:

1. Interhall Council (IHC) Activity Fee:  $27.26 per semester.  This fee is collected on behalf of the residence student government to support hall council activities.

2. Mandatory Insurance Fee:  One-time $81.00 fee for a Fall/Winter contract, or a $45.90 fee for Winter semester only, for all single student residences.


3.  Other Rates: 

1.  Temporary Expanded Space:  In order to accommodate all residence applicants, it may be necessary to assign applicants to a Temporary Expanded Space placement. If this occurs, residents will pay an Expanded Space rate of $3,060 per semester.  Expanded Space residents will be expected to relocate during the semester.  Fees will be adjusted on a pro-rated basis.

2.  Extended Term:  Residents who are approved for an Early Arrival or Late Check-out Extension outside of the Contract term will be charged $35 per additional night.

3.  Other charges:  Additional charges may be applied to the student account for damages, repairs, lost keys, improper check-out, or fines related to violations of the Residence Community Living Standards.


4.  Summer Contract Fees - SUMMER 2023

Summer Residence Fees 2023

Room Type Campus Area  Total Fee
Single University Houses (limited) $2,200
Single West Residence 3 bedroom Townhouse $2,200
Single East Village Townhouses $2,200







Meal Plans

Meal plans are required in all residences with the exception of East Residence, the East Village Townhouses, Family Housing and Graduate Housing. More details and the associated fees can be found on the Hospitality Services website. 

Family Housing Unit Fees

For rental rates for Family Housing units at Wellington Woods (252 Stone Road West) and 78 College Avenue West please visit our Family Housing site.