Mills Hall

Welcome to Mills Hall! 

Originally built in 1921 and recently renovated, Mills Hall is a co-ed residence that has a strong sense of community. It is a traditional style residence that houses 160 students in primarily single and triple rooms.

Hall Features 

  • Four storey building accommodating 160 students in a co-ed setting
  • Male and female designated rooms are side by side
  • Rooms run off both sides of the main corridor
  • Rooms are designed to accommodate one, three or four students
  • The residence is divided into sections identified by the floor number 
  • Each section has a lounge equipped with a kitchenette with a microwave
  • The layout of the rooms and lounges allows for lots of interaction between students
  • Each section has separate washrooms (showers and toilets for males and females)
  • All triple rooms contain lofted beds - bed over the desk with a ladder (like a bunk)
  • Students must bring their own linen, bedspreads, pillows, towels
  • Two large building lounges (Fireplace Lounge, and Meeting Room) allow for group activities to take place; lounges are available on a drop-in basis or may be reserved for a special function
  • Fireplace Lounge features TV, pool table and vending machines
  • Laundry facilities include washers and dryers
  • Study room with individual study carrels located in the basement level of residence
  • Elevator goes from the ground floor to the third floor
  • ResNet WiFi in all bedrooms
  • Kitchenette with stove located in the basement
  • The building is locked on a 24 hour per day basis; residents are provided with key card access to their building and physical keys to their room and mailbox

Video Tours


NORTH RESIDENCES - Mills Triple Room 


NORTH RESIDENCES  - Johnston/Mills Single Room


360 Degree Room Tours



360 View of Mills Single

Mills Single


360 View of Mills Triple

Mills Triple









Floor Plans


Mills Triple Room


Mills Hall - Triple Room *


Mills Quad Room


Mills Hall - Quad Room  *

Mills Hall - Single Room  *


* Important Note: The floor plan images above represent a TYPICAL room layout in Mills Hall.  Not all unit layouts and bedrooms are identical.