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Living in Residence is Where Campus Comes to Life


From the Director, Residence Life

Photograph of Patrick Kelly, Director of Student Housing Services (Acting)

Welcome to the University of Guelph residences!

Moving away from home is an important milestone in your life. Student Housing Services is here for you as you make that transition to ensure these are the best years of your life. Beyond academic support, we have a team of 150+ Residence Life Staff who are here to help develop a sense of community, identify campus resources, develop programs and social activities. Our Residence Life Staff, Desk Team and Guest Table staff are here to help you navigate any of the challenges that may come your way during your stay on campus.

Guelph is known for its unique student experience, stunning campus, and delicious food. We offer a wide variety of residences and room types, suitable for whatever living situation you're looking for. I encourage you to visit the campus or check out our online tours to see more of what we have to offer. 

I hope to welcome you to campus this fall, supporting your academic success and helping you build incredible memories! 

Patrick Kelly

Director, Residence Life


Why live in residence? 

There are countless reasons why you may choose to live in residence during your time at the University of Guelph! 

1. Meet and Make Lifelong Friends

Living away from home can be difficult, especially when in a new environment. Residence provides an opportunity to meet other people who are sharing that same experience. The people you meet during orientation may become your best friends for the rest of your life! 

2. Independence (With Support)

While you have your privacy when living in residence, our Residence Life Staff are only a message or a couple of doors away! We have staff to support you with academics, getting involved, making connections, and learning how to navigate campus. 

3. Convenience

You can get to the heart of campus within 5-8 minutes from all of our residences. Enjoy the meal plan and spend your time studying and meeting others, what really matters! 

4. Campus Community Connections

Student Housing Services works closely with campus partners to offer you the services you need. We can help you get in touch with health & wellness services, extracurriculars, employment opportunities, and more. 

5. Academic Success

Residence Life has a team of students living in residence to support you through academics. Our Cluster Leaders and Academic Programmers plan events around big tests, midterms, and assignments to help you ask questions and get resources. Academic Drop-In Sessions are offered weekly covering a wide variety of topics, available exclusively to those living in residence. 

6. 24-Hour Assistance

Your safety is our priority. We have residence desks open 24-hours a day and Residence Assistants on-call to respond to whatever needs you may have in residence. We work closely with the Campus Safety Office to ensure that you feel safe and accepted in our community. 


Are you ready to start your journey? 

Learn more about how to apply to residence!


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