Winter Holiday Break Closure

Lambton and LA in snowy winter

Holiday Break Check-out

You are scheduled to check out of residence within 24 hours of your last exam. The final check-out deadline for the Fall 2023 term is Saturday, December 16, 2023, at 12:00 noon. Residences will re-open Saturday, January 6, 2024, at 9:00 am.

You can leave your personal belongings in your room during the holiday break if you are returning to the same room in January.

Before you go:

  • Empty the garbage and throw out any unwrapped or open food. If you have a refrigerator, leave it plugged in.
  • We turn down the heat over the holidays, so if you have an aquarium or plants that might be sensitive to the cold temperatures, please move them to a warmer location.
  • Leaving your computer behind? Back up all your essential data and take that copy with you, just in case. Unplug all the power and network cables (including power cables for the monitors, speakers, etc.), and unplug any routers or wireless transmitters.
  • Close and latch all windows, turn off the lights, and lock the door.
  • Return your keys to the Residence Desk and complete your Fall Semester Check Out process.  If you have lost your keys, you are still required to report to the Desk to return any spare keys you have and complete your the Check Our process for the Fall Semester.
  • Once you are checked out, you are expected to leave the Residence. You’re not allowed to stay in a friend’s room. There is a no-guests policy during this time.

Student Housing Services staff will enter every room to check for security or fire safety concerns. However, the University is not responsible for loss of or damage to personal belongings left in the room during the holidays.


Extensions and Stayovers

We recognize that some of our students are not able to return home or make alternate accommodations during the campus closure period. If you think you might need to live on campus during the Holiday Break period, we ask you to indicate this need on your Residence Application.

In cases where you are not able to check out of residence within 24 hours of your last exam, or if you are not able to return home during the Holiday Break, you MAY be granted permission to remain in residence on campus. The holiday break period is not covered by your residence fees, therefore an additional fee of $500 will be charged to cover costs associated with accommodation between semesters.  Applications for Holiday Break housing are due November 20, 2023.

If you require an Extension or Stayover during the holiday closure period, you must submit an Extension / Stayover Request Form through your Housing Portal. 


January Check-in

The residences will open on Saturday prior to classes resuming. Please check-in at your Residence Desk for your keys. If you must arrive before this time, please contact Student Housing at 519-824-4120 ext. 58701 or email

If you haven’t checked in by noon on the Monday following classes resuming, and haven’t notified us that you’re checking in late, we will cancel your room assignment. Be sure to let us know by contacting if you will be returning late.