Arts House

Arts House is located in the former "Maids Hall" built in 1914, and accommodates 50 students in double rooms in a community known for its creative energy. diversity and welcoming culture.


Arts House


Hall Features

  • Three storey traditional building accommodating 50 students, co-ed
  • Rooms on both sides of a main corridor
  • Two students per room
  • Each floor has washrooms with showers
  • Lounge located on the lower level allows for group activities such as watching movies, hall events, etc.; this lounge is available on a drop-in basis or may be reserved for special functions
  • Laundry facilities in the basement include washers and dryers
  • ResNet WiFi in all areas
  • For security reasons, the residence is locked 24 hours per day; residents are provided with keys to the building, their rooms and mailboxes

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North Residence - Double Room. -  Arts House, Johnston and Watson Halls



Floor Plans

This is a typical ARTS HOUSE DOUBLE ROOM.

This image is to scale, and is representative of a TYPICAL room. Not all rooms are identical.


Watson and Maids Double Room