Billing Appeals


Deposit Refund Appeals

If there are extenuating circumstances (such as a medical emergency) that prevent you from living in residence, you may appeal for a refund of your deposit and/or residence fees in full or in part. 

All appeals must be initiated by the student and must be submitted within 30 days of termination of the Residence Contract.

Grounds for Appeal

Generally speaking, if you are not able to live in residence or attend the University of Guelph for reasons beyond your control, you may appeal and your case will be reviewed. Circumstances may include a medical, mental health or family emergency, and must be supported with documentation.  If you decide residence isn't for you, or you decide to live off-campus or commute for financial reasons, these are not considered valid reasons for a deposit refund.

How to Submit an Appeal

Send your request for an appeal in writing from your email account to with the following information:

  • a written summary of the reasons for withdrawal
  • supporting documentation (such as a letter from your physician, counsellor, etc.) to validate the circumstances of your appeal


Other Types of Billing Appeals

If you have been levied a charge for damage to your residence, improper check-out, lock change or other facilities or desk charges, you may submit an appeal in writing (from your email) for a review.

Appeals should be accompanied by supporting documentation to validate your circumstances. Appeals should be submitted to:

Lock change or improper check-out, contact Joanne Mead, Manager, Desk Services, at 

Damage Charge appeals should be send to Residence Facilities at