Returning to Residence


Due to the high demand for campus residence from our new incoming first year students, we are currently unable to make any residence offers to returning upper year students at this time.  

Residence capacity for upper year students will be re-assessed  after June 15, once we have accommodated our new incoming student applicants.  We highly encourage you to explore off-campus alternatives through our Off-Campus Living office. 

If you choose to proceed with an application for the upper year residence waiting list, and cancel your application while you are on the waiting list, you will receive a full refund of your residence deposit.


How do I apply?

The Returning Student Residence Application for Fall 2023 - Winter 2024 is available through your Housing Portal beginning on February 1.

Once you complete the Residence Application, you will also need to submit a $750 residence deposit by June 1. Once we have received the residence deposit, your application is deemed complete. For instructions on how to pay the residence deposit, see our website.

All upper year applications received by June 1 will be entered into a residence lottery for upper year students.  A complete application does NOT guarantee a space in residence.  The upper year waiting list will not be considered for an offer until all first year applicants are accommodated.

Upper year students with medical accommodation needs may be considered for a space in residence based on specific circumstances.  For more information, please visit Accommodation Requests or contact our office at regarding eligibility.



June 1, 2023 -  Residence Application and Deposit due in order to be considered for a space in residence.

After June 15, 2023 - Upper Year residence applications will be considered for available vacancies.