LGBTQ2IA+ Student Resources

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Resources for LGBTQ2IA+ Students in Residence 

Student Housing Services is committed to fostering diverse and inclusive spaces for all students. No matter where you come from, or how you identify, we have resources and opportunities where you can engage with peers and reach out for support in a warm and welcoming community.  

At U of G, we like to use the term LGBTQ2IA+, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Two-Spirit, Intersex, Asexual, and other identities that fall outside of cisgender and heterosexual paradigms.  

Our goal is to make you feel at home when living in residence. To do this, we offer options to create a comfortable room assignment and collaborate with other departments on campus to ensure you have the resources that match your specific needs.  

Below are a variety of residence-specific resources for LGBTQ2IA+ students. For additional information about support across campus, please visit the Student Experience website.  

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OUTline Chat

OUTline is an online chat platform for you to talk with someone about your gender identity, sexual orientation, resources, and anything else that’s on your mind! It maintains confidentiality and runs from 7 pm – 10 pm, 7 days a week in the Fall and Winter semesters. 


All-Gender Bathrooms

All-gender (gender-neutral) bathrooms are available in specific locations throughout residence and across campus. As a university, we are constantly working to enhance the inventory of these spaces available to students. 

Within residence, we work with students seeking an all-gender washroom in their community. You are encouraged to email with this request prior to the room assignment process and we will ensure you have convenient access to these facilities. 


Counsellors in Residence

Student Housing has partnered with Student Wellness to provide Counsellors in Residence, here to help you navigate living in residence and your transition to university life. These registered Social Workers work with students to create, practice, and navigate an inclusive environment in residence. Appointments are free and available in the Fall and Winter semesters.  


Residence Life Staff (RLS)

150+ student Residence Life Staff live in residence with students to facilitate their transition to university life. RLS are trained and equipped with resources to support you in various situations with resources related to sexual orientation, gender diversity, and campus inclusion. You can connect with your Residence Assistant (RA) at any time for support and resources.  


Grad Student Support Circle

The Grad Student Support Circle (GSSC) is a weekly meeting of graduate students across all faculties for mutual peer support, in connection with the Student Support Network. It offers an opportunity for connection among graduate students and a safe space to talk about the joys and challenges that are unique to grad studies that can be difficult or unsatisfying to talk about with folks outside of this specific academic environment. The LGBTQ2IA+ circle is offered by a queer Ph.D. student and will run in person. 

While the GSSC is not a professional counselling service, they do offer a confidential and supportive group environment where students can talk through whatever they're experiencing as a graduate student, hear perspectives from others, and discuss life in general.  Registration is required for participation. You can email to express interest in registering or to ask any questions they may have. A short note with your name, program and that you’re looking for the LGBTQ2IA+ circle is sufficient. 


Name Changes

The University of Guelph has a process for you to change your name and/or gender markers on campus. Changing one’s name within the University’s system will change your name on all the University related and University generated documents.  

Within Student Housing, it is easy to request a change to your preferred name, which is visible on communications from our department and your Housing Portal. Simply email  with your updated name and we will correct the information on your profile. 


Want to Talk?

Are you interested in speaking to someone about living in residence or attending the University of Guelph as a transgender or gender-diverse student? You can contact: 

Caleb Harwood (he/they/she) – Sexual and Gender Diversity Advisor, 

Kristin Lennan (she/her/hers) – Acting Associate Director, Residence Life, 

Leanne Caron (she/her/hers) – Manager, Residence Admissions, 


Additional Resources

Student Housing works with other departments across campus to provide a variety of resources to LGBQQ2IA+ students. Learn more by visiting one of the links below:  


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