Fire Safety

Fire Safety In Residence

One of the first things you should check out when you move into residence is the location of all fire exits and Fire Safety equipment.  The Residence Life Staff will review fire safety information including locations of pull stations and nearest exits during your first community meeting.

Tampering with Fire Safety equipment in residence is taken very seriously. Not only is it contrary to the Residence Community Living Standards but is also against the law and could result in criminal charges.  At a minimum, tampering with fire safety equipment in residence will result in a $500 fine. It could result in eviction from residence.  To avoid these consequences, take the time to educate yourself with respect to all fire safety equipment in residence and the information below.

To receive information below in an alternative format, please contact Residence Life at

What are your responsibilities?

Know your residence evacuation location
You’ll learn this in your first community meeting.  An evacuation location may be altered in the winter due to snow, this will be communicated to you by a Residence Life Staff member.
Residence Evacuation Map

Know what to do if there is a fire emergency

Activate a pull station: In the event of an emergency do not hesitate to activate a pull station.  Once a pull station has been activated a signal travels to the Trent building, through the dispatch centre, which is monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Call ext. 2000: This extension is the emergency extension on campus which goes to the police dispatch centre and will be answered above all other incoming phone lines.

Call Direct 519-840-5000: This is a direct line into our dispatch area and can be called from any phone. (This is a good number to program into your phone or you can dial it through the SAFEGryph app)

Residence Life Staff: If you require the assistance of a member of the Residence Life Staff, you can contact your respective Residence Desk.  Dial 519.824.4120 and use the corresponding extension.   

  • South ext. 58123
  • East ext. 58124
  • North ext. 58122

Residence Call Box: At the entrance to any residence there is a yellow call box.  Once the button is pushed you are able to talk to a Student Housing Porter or you can dial extension 2000 from this box.

Bell pay and Blue Light phones on campus: On all Bell pay /Blue Light phones on campus there is a U of G police button, which will dial extension 2000 for you at no cost.

Elevator phone: In all elevators on campus there is either a telephone or a call box.  Once the call box is activated or the telephone receiver is picked up you are able to speak to our dispatcher. 

Know what fire safety equipment is included in my residence room

Each residence room is equipped with a smoke detector, nearby heat sensor and evacuation map, for your protection. It is vitally important that you leave the building if the alarm is sounding. Fire alarms can also be activated manually by pulling a pull station located in the hallways at all exit doors.

Know what to do if a fire alarm sounds

  • Evacuate the building immediately
  • Follow the directions of the Residence Assistants for your building
  • Notify other occupants to leave the building if it is safe to do so
  • Close all doors behind you if it is safe to do so
  • Do not use any elevators
  • You are allowed to re-enter the building after the alarm stops, ONLY when you receive permission by Emergency Personnel or Student Housing Staff

If you are a person who requires accommodation and a personal evacuation plan, please contact Student Accessibility Services or Fire Prevention Services.

Know how fire safety is promoted in residence:

  • Fire Safety Demonstrations and Training are arranged by Residence Life Staff and facilitated by Fire Prevention Office
  • Training for Residence Life Staff and Fire Wardens
  • Awareness campaigns and posters
  • Nightly inspections of fire safety equipment
  • Health and Safety Audits
  • Posted Fire Safety information
  • Quick action through our conduct system for Fire Safety violations

Additional Resources:

Guelph Fire Prevention Services
Campus Community Police
Student Accessibility Services