Moving Out

Students holding a bin as they move from residence

Hard Goodbyes, Easy Move-Out!

As the year draws to a close, bidding farewell, packing up, and anticipating the joys of summer and a new chapter as an upper-year student can be both challenging and exhilarating. Student Housing is here to help you rest easy knowing that we're committed to streamlining your move-out experience, making it as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Follow the instructions below when moving out of residence. 


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Verify Your Check Out Date

When you complete your final exam or assignment, you are required to check out of residence by returning your keys within 24 hours of your last exam, or by 12 noon on the day after the last exam, whichever comes first. 

Ensure that your checkout date is correct in our records by logging into your Housing Portal. You should see your last exam date and time listed, as well as your expected checkout date and time under ‘My Details’ on the left.


If the checkout date is CORRECT...

Great! No further action is required and you can begin planning your move-out.

If the checkout date is INCORRECT...

If the check-out date is incorrect, or you are unable to move out by this date, you must complete the Extension Request Form (see below).


Should your last exam date change before the end of the semester, it is your responsibility to notify Student Housing.


No exams? Your required check-out date is the day after classes end by 6 PM. 

Graduate Student, or DVM Student? You are permitted to stay in residence until 12 noon on the final day of the Winter semester at 12:00 noon. If you are involved in research or other academic work beyond this date, please fill out an Extension Application OR apply for Summer Residence. Both forms are found on the Housing Portal.

Want to leave early? Not a problem! You can complete the checkout process and return your keys to the desk at any time before your checkout date. 


Extension Requests

If you need to remain in residence beyond your last exam date, you MUST complete the Residence Extension Form.

All applications for extensions must be received no later than 4:00 PM on the last day of classes.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted. A $20 non-refundable fee will be applied for late applications after the deadline.

The form is located within your Housing Portal.  You should see a red button titled "Extension Request." If you do not see the red button, you can click on the Menu tab (three lines) on the far left of the red menu bar under “In Room” options.


Please note: We cannot guarantee that all extensions requests will be granted as we begin preparations for our summer semester. Further details on acceptable extension requests (ie. travel in excess of 500km, purchased travel ticket, academic) are listed on the Extension Request form on the Housing Portal. Please be aware that we cannot grant extensions to accommodate a May 1 off-campus lease, so you will have to make alternate arrangements.

Residents who are granted permission for Early Arrival or Late Check-out Extension outside of the Contract term will be charged $35 per night, if approved for an extended term.


Students Checking Out

How to Check Out of Residence

Step 1: Pack what you need and clean your room

  • Pack everything you brought with you - leave nothing behind! 
  • Clean your room! Remove any garbage and ensure furniture is left the way you found it. You can pick up extra garbage bags at your Residence Desk. Rooms left in unsatisfactory condition may be charged additional cleaning fees. Ensure furniture is put back where it was when you moved into the room. 
  • Remove tape, posters, staples, tacks, etc., from all walls, ceilings, furniture, bulletin boards and room door. 
  • Return furniture to its original position and take home any furniture that does not belong to Student Housing Services.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors. Don't forget to turn off the lights!


Step 2: Check your mailbox

Anything left in your mailbox or received after you check out will be returned to sender. 


Step 3: Return your keys

Once you've packed everything, take all keys (e.g. room, mailbox, spares) and any signed-out items (e.g. vacuums, irons) back to your Residence Desk.   

Note: West Residence students are to return their keys to the West Residence/Family Housing office at 78 College Avenue, Unit 132, using the envelope provided. 


Lost your Keys?  You can still check out at your Residence Desk even if you do not have your residence keys. Please go to your Desk on your check-out date, return any spare keys, and confirm you have left residence on your expected Check Out date. 


Improper Check Out Fees

$125 Improper Check Out Fee

This will be applied if you do not complete the check out process and check out at your desk by your expected check out date.

You can always choose to leave residence earlier and check out before your assigned date at no charge. The improper check out fee will be charged if you stay past your expected check out date. 


$75 Lock Change Fee

This will be applied if you do not return all your residence keys to the desk upon check out.

If you have lost your keys you must still go to the desk to avoid the $125 improper check out charge. 


Additional check out charges if you are found in residence after you have checked out

If you are found in residence after you have already checked out you will be billed the $125.00 improper check out fee, a $20.00 late extension fee and $35.00/night for any additional nights after your expected check out date.


Need Help?

If you have any questions regarding check-out please visit your Residence Desk, check with your RA or email us at