Residence Heating

Lambton Hall on a snowy day

Stay Warm this Winter!

The following is a description of how to operate the heating system in the University of Guelph's residence buildings. A few anomalies are included that may be helpful. Most of the heating systems in Residences rely on a process called "convection" where hot water circulates through a finned pipe inside a metal cover and the heated air surrounding the pipe rises into the room. 

What is Convection? 

  • The transference of heat in a liquid or gas by currents resulting from unequal temperature and the consequent unequal densities.  
  • A thermal process whereby atmospheric circulation is maintained through the upward or downward transfer of air masses of different temperature. [Hot air rises and cold air falls] 

The temperature of the water flowing through the convectors varies inversely with the outside air temperature. As the outside temperature falls (winter) the heating water temperature is increased. This is a pre-determined schedule initially set by the Designing Engineer. This approach allows a large heating system to respond to the weather without the cost of numerous and expensive controls. 

Top Tips

  • It is important that the area around the convertor (where the heat comes out) be kept clear at all times. The system relies on natural convection and anything in the path of the air entering or leaving can seriously reduce the heating capacity. 
  • Leaving windows open will cause pipes to freeze! Please ensure all windows are kept closed. 

Hall-Specific Heating Instructions

Download the attachment for your residence building below for specific information on how your system works and the options to adjust your room's heating (where applicable). 

South Residence

Lennox & Addington Halls

Lambton Hall

Arts House

Johnston Hall

Mills Hall 

Watson Hall 

East Residences

The East Village Townhouses operate using a traditional heating system, which can be adjusted using the thermostat in your townhouse. Speak to your residence desk for additional support. 

Who to Contact

If you have any concerns regarding your room's heating status, please speak with your Residence Assistant (RA). Should you find yourself in an emergency situation with regard to facilities, contact your area's residence desk