Residence Life Staff

Residence Life Staff in Masks

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Our Residence Life Staff (RLS) are all committed to providing an inclusive, respectful and fun experience for you and your fellow students.  We have over 150 students who are hired by Student Housing to help support you throughout the year!

RLS are invaluable to the Residence Life program and provide a range of support to students and our residence communities.  RLS work throughout the academic year to provide a safe, fun and memorable experience for all residence students.  Through the various positions on staff, RLS provide key functions such as on-call responsibilities, academic support, mentorship, educational awareness and residence wide activities.  

RLS receive extensive training and skill development to ensure they provide comprehensive support to our students. Some of their training includes key areas such as listening and communication, restorative practices, diversity and human rights, mental health and wellness, academic success, community development, conflict intervention, emergency response, and gender-based violence response. RLS with on-call responsibilities are also required to be certified in First Aid/CPR, as well as safeTALK (suicide intervention training).


Residence Life Staff Positions


Residence Assistant


Residence Assistant (RA)

RAs are upper year students who live in residence and get to know residents individually. They help you build connections in your community, ensure the safety of the building, and provide support and referrals.  You will also see RAs running various events and activities throughout your residence, so be sure to ask them what is going on next!

RAs are responsible for conduct rounds of the residence while "on call" and responding to student concerns and needs.  RAs who are "on-call" can be identified by their red "RLS" vest, and otherwise typically live on each floor/section of a residence where they are responsible to a community of students. 

Have a concern, noise complaint or need an RA but can’t find yours? Call a Residence Desk.

Community Assistant


Community Assistant (CA)

Community Assistants are senior student staff who provide support to your Residence Life Manager (RLM), RLS team and residents.  Typically, there is one CA per residence.  CAs meet with students who may be involved in low-level violations of the Residence Community Living Standards and assist your RLM with other residence initiatives. 

Duty Staff


Duty Staff (DS)

Duty Staff are upper year students who are hired by Student Housing to complement Residence Life Staff who are on call.  Duty Staff work in the evenings to help ensure respond the building is safe and respond when there is a student concern. You can identify Duty Staff by their brown RLS vestsDuty Staff primarily work in South Residence.

Cluster Leader


Cluster Leader (CL)

CLs are upper year students who live in one of several ‘Academic Learning Clusters’ (ALC). They support students living in their community with academic programming


Program Facilitator


Residence Assistant - Living Learning Communities (RA-LLC)

RA-LLCs are upper year students who live in one of several Living Learning Communities (LLC) and support residents with programming and activities that are tailored to the community’s common interest. RA-LLC's also have similar responsibilities to a RA where they help build connections, keep the residence safe and provide direct support to students.

Academic Programmer


Academic Programmer (AP)

Academic Programmers provide academic support within a residence by facilitating various workshops and activities for residence communities or one-on-one with students.  You can usually spot an AP in one of the Academic Drop-In Centres (ADC) found in various residence buildings. Stop by and check out the ADC!

  • North Residence – Lennox Addington Hall Second Floor Commons
  • South Residence – Mountain Hall
  • East Residence – Main Floor (Near Glengarry Entrance)

Contact the APS at

Programming Office Staff


Programming Office Staff (HUB Staff)

The HUB staff love their programming and events! HUB staff are usually in our programming office called "The HUB" located in South Residence. Here they help support RLS with events and activities, run campus wide initiatives and coordinate educational campaigns within residence. They are our programming experts and fun makers! 

Contact the HUB Team at

Community Life Facilitator


Community Life Facilitator (CLF)

Community Life Facilitators are staff that support West Residence (upper year student residence) and our Family Housing community.  CLFs are found during house chats, conducting new tenant orientations, facilitating activities for our children/youth, families and mature students and providing customer service at our Family Housing Office.  

Contact our CLFs at

Seminar Facilitator


Seminar Facilitator

Our Seminar Facilitators are typically graduate students with a background in health promotion, social sciences or humanities who work in our Community Standards Office to facilitate educational workshops around Alcohol, Drugs, Choices and Conflict with a small group of students.