Residence Community Living Standards

Students talking with an RA at a picnic bench.

Supporting your Academic Success and Personal Well-Being

Community Standards is a term we use to describe how we keep our communities safe, secure and welcoming.  Staff who work in the Community Standards area also work to ensure students feel heard and understand our conduct system and the Residence Community Living Standards (RCLS). The RCLS are part of your Residence Contract and exists to ensure that you and others have a fantastic experience in residence.  

Our conduct system, policies and procedures are intended to ensure residences are safe, but also that whenever possible there is an opportunity to:

  • Learn appropriate behaviours for a residence community
  • Restore the situation by repairing harms
  • Re-connect to your community by rebuilding trust

As a resident, it is your responsibility to comply with the behavioural standards outlined by Student Housing Services. Our Residence Community Living Standards (RCLS) exist to support your learning and overall personal wellness. Ignorance, anger, alcohol or substance use will not be accepted as an excuse, reason or rationale for unacceptable behaviour. The RCLS also encourage you to take responsibility for your actions to ensure that everyone in residence has a safe and enjoyable experience. If you have any questions regarding the RCLS please contact us at or talk to your Residence Assistant, (Assistant) Residence Life Manager, or Area Coordinator.

Click here to read Student Housing's 2023-2024 Residence Community Living Standards.


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For students living in West Residence located at 78 College Avenue, please take the time to read our West Residence Living Standards so that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities.