Alcohol ... Fact or Myth?

When you first move into residence, you naturally want to fit in. That doesn’t mean you need to be drinking frequently or heavily. Maybe you’ve been misled by one of these myths about students and alcohol:

Myth #1 - Everyone is drinking all the time

FALSE - 56% of students believe that their peers are drinking 2 or more times per week. However, the reality is that only 16% of students partake that frequently. That means 84% of your peers are drinking once per week or less.

Myth #2 - When people drink, they drink A LOT.

FALSE - A recent survey showed that students believe 63% of their peers are drinking 5 or more drinks when they choose to consume. However, the reality is that only 31% of students engage in that level of drinking. What does this mean? The majority of students chose to drink safely if and when they do drink.

Surprised? You’ll actually fit in better if you drink more moderately. It's nice to know that you are in the majority if you're drinking once a week (or less often) and choosing to drink safely if/when you do consume.


Throughout the year, you will see members of the Residence Life team continuing to spread this message of safe drinking, helping to further educate our students on safe alcohol use and provide support whenever and wherever we can!

Find out more about alcohol resources and information on these websites:
Student Health Services
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