Accessibility Requests

Students on South Residence path.

Finding a Residence That Works for You

Generally speaking, residence and room assignments are based on a randomized lottery system that takes into consideration your building and room type preferences. However, we recognize that some students have unique circumstances that require special consideration. 

We can’t guarantee that all requests will be accommodated, but we will work with you in finding a living situation that best meets your needs. Most of our residences can accommodate a variety of accommodation situations. For a list of the most common requests and associated residence locations, consult the summary of potential locations outlined below.


Accessibility Accommodation Requests must be submitted by June 3, 2024, through the Housing Portal. It's essential to meet this deadline to ensure that we can prioritize your needs during the room assignment process. Unfortunately, we won't be able to give priority to late applicants. Keep in mind that most accommodation requests do not guarantee you an offer of residence.


To Submit an Accessibility Accommodation Request:

  1. Complete your Residence Application on the Housing Portal and indicate on your form that you have an accessibility accommodation need. 
  2. You will be directed to complete an Accessibility Accommodation Form on the Housing Portal.
  3. Complete all sections of the form and follow the instructions to download the Accommodation form to be validated and signed by your attesting professional.
  4. Your attesting professional is an unrelated practitioner who is working directly with you who can confirm your specific accommodation needs, including but not limited to a physician, specialist, counsellor, teacher or therapist.  If citing lifestyle, cultural or religious reasons, an attesting professional's supporting document/signature is not always necessary. We will contact you if we require additional information.
  5. You can print the form directly from the Housing Portal or download the  Accessibility Accommodation Form.  
  6. Upload your completed Accessibility Accommodation Form, including the section completed by the professional, and submit it to Residence Admissions through the Housing Portal.


Medical Marijuana

In consideration of revised legislation around the use of marijuana for medical purposes, Student Housing Services, in consultation with campus stakeholders, has developed a Medical Marijuana Policy for accommodating authorized individuals. This Policy is intended to balance the need to accommodate the medical needs of an individual with the potential impact on the health and safety of the surrounding residence community, as well as meeting any legal obligations that may exist.

Service Animals 

Service animals are permitted in residence in two locations (East Village Townhouses and West Residence), subject to conditions and appropriate documentation. Students requesting permission to bring a service animal to residence must meet with the Director of Housing prior to approval being granted.

How We Assign

We are able to accommodate most disabilities and special needs in a variety of different residence communities. Your assignment will be based on several factors, as follows: a) your preferences as listed on your Residence Application, b) your accommodation needs as outlined by your supporting documentation, c) our availability of specific room type and facilities, and d) your lottery number.


Accommodations and Potential Residence Locations



Housing Request



Single room, low-washroom ratio

East Village Townhouses

Lambton Hall

South apartment

East Residence 6-person apt

Mobility requiring motorized equipment (wheelchair or scooter)

Accessible doorways, ramps, walk-in shower, grab bars


East Village Townhouses

Lennox & Addington- first-floor commons

Mobility requiring no stairs, and no motorized equipment First-floor location

Lennox & Addington Hall

Mills Hall 

Lambton Hall

East Residence

East Village Townhouses

Hearing impaired, any level


All residences, except Mills and Lambton Halls

Visually impaired, any level

Natural light

Any residence

Visually impaired with a service animal

Service animal must be approved by Director

East Village Townhouses

West Residence

Cultural/religious - Kosher or Halal

Kosher/Halal kitchen

Exemption from meal plan

No guarantee, but we will put similar requests together if possible

Kosher/Halal can be accommodated on the meal plan

Cultural/religious - single-gender

Choice of residence determined by lottery

All residences have single-gender rooms.  Single-gendered floors, or suites in East Village Townhouses, East Residence, Watson Hall (female) and Lennox C.  Single-gender alcoves in South Residence.

Cultural/religious - same faith or ethnicity


We do not collect this information on the residence application


Request for quiet area and single room OR

Request for multi-occupancy for social stimulation

Location of residence determined by lottery

Learning Disability - Dyslexia/cognitive processing disorder

Single room, quiet area

East Village Townhouses- Study Intensive area

Lennox C- Study Intensive area

All residences

Vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian diet

Access to kitchen, exemption from meal plan

All residences

Dietary needs can be accommodated on a meal plan.

Anxiety or Panic Disorder


Single room 

OR Double room with specified support roommate

All residences

Location-based on a random lottery.  Manual assignment checks to ensure roommate is assigned

Support Animal or Registered Service Animal

Must be approved by Student Accessibility Services and the Director of Student Housing Services

East Village Townhouses

West Residence


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