Sexual & Gender-Based Violence Support and Education at U of G

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We are here for whatever you need. You are not alone. 

Sexual and gender-based violence (S&GBV) is a serious and complicated reality both on and off university campuses. S&GBV is not tolerated at the University of Guelph and our Residence Life team in collaboration with Student Wellness Services is dedicated to providing education and supports related to S&GBV. 


S&GBV Supports at the University of Guelph: 

Residence Support: 

When someone experiences S&GBV, our Residence Life Staff Team is trained in providing immediate support and connecting survivors with appropriate resources. We provide a safe and non-judgmental space for students to receive the support they need. 


How can Student Housing Services respond to S&GBV? 

Student Housing Services may respond with one or more of the following actions in response to a complaint or request to investigate an incident of S&GBV: 

  • Meet with the complainant 

  • Meet with the respondent 

  • Temporarily relocate one or more parties (especially if parties reside in the same residential community) 

  • Provide referral for accommodation and/or support to parties involved 

  • Investigate the incident and communicate a decision to the respondent under the Residence Community Living Standards or the Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct (we will preserve the privacy of both the complainant and respondent and will not publicize that an investigation is taking place or notify others of the results) 

  • Request that Campus Safety Office investigate the incident on behalf of Student Housing Services 

  • Refer a case to the University Judicial Committee for decision under the Policy of Non-Academic Misconduct 

  • Consult with the Student at Risk Team to provide accommodation and support 

  • Facilitate a restorative process to repair harms (impact from incident) and rebuild trust 


S&GBV Supports (Student Wellness Services): 

The S&GBV Office strives to provide trauma-informed and survivor-centric support for UofG students impacted by sexual and gender-based violence. We believe that support can help to some extent with a survivor's healing journey and may include:

  • Coordinating academic accommodations
  • Referrals to physical and mental health services 
  • Coordination of care
  • Discussing reporting options
  • Safety planning
  • Additional support identified by survivors

If you or someone you know is impacted by S&GBV, please Contact our S&GBV Support Coordinator:  

Melissa Conte
519-824-4120 X 53020

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

You do not need to disclose or make a report in order to access support. 

For more important on the University of Guelph’s resources and response to Sexual and Gender- Based Violence, please visit:  Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Support and Education | Student Wellness (


S&GBV Education @ University of Guelph

S&GBV Education includes access to training and education initiatives including: 

  • Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Awareness Training Module for Students
  • Sexual Violence Support Module for Faculty and Staff
  • Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Awareness Training
  • Specialized training needs or requests

Please contact the S&GBV Education Coordinator:

Jensen Williams
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Education Coordinator

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm



During Orientation Week, our “Can I Kiss You?” event sets the standard: S&GBV  will not be tolerated, active and enthusiastic consent is imperative, and Gryphons look out for each other and stand up to S&GBV  when they see it happening. Additionally, Residence Life Staff facilitate activities planned as part of our campus-wide S&GBV prevention initiatives throughout the Fall and Winter semesters.


For more information,, visit the Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Support and Education | Student Wellness ( or contact

 Consent: It’s as Simple as “I’M SAFE”

•       Informed: there needs to be a clear and honest understanding of what someone is consenting to.

•       Moment to moment (reversible): people can change their mind, want to stop, and withdraw consent at any time.

•       Specific: to a certain act, and at any given time. Just because someone consented before, doesn't mean they consent now.

•       Awake and Aware: consent cannot be given if someone is unconscious, asleep, excessively intoxicated, or incapacitated

•       Freely given: no pressure, no coercion, and without a power imbalance.

•       Enthusiastic: clear, excited, and unmistakable.



IM SAFE - A consent conversation over coffee.



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