Relevant University and departmental policies are listed below for quick reference. As this is not an exhaustive list, please contact residencelife@uoguelph.ca to inquire about a specific policy or search the main University of Guelph website. To receive documents in an alternative format, please contact Residence Life at residencelife@uoguelph.ca


Student Housing Services Policies and Procedures:

Alcohol Policy
Illegal Drug and Substance Policy
Advertising & Poster Policy
Privacy Policy 
Emergency Evacuation Procedure- General 
Medical Cannabis Policy 

University Policies and Procedures:

Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy 

As of May 31, 2019, the University of Gueph is a Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus. Link here to the University of Guelph policy.

Other Campus Policies

Acceptable Use of U of G Computing and Networking
Human Rights Policy 
Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct
Sexual Assault Response and Care