Forms & Conduct Links

If you have been assigned an outcome from a Manager, the letter you were given should have the title of assignment(s) from the list below. Follow the link to see the details. The Manager should also have given you a due date. If you have questions, ask your Manager or the Community Standards Assistant at

If you require an alternative format of any of the outcomes or forms below please contact the Community Standards Assistant.


Project Verification

Outcomes and Assignments

Apology Letter
Everybody Does It 
Guests: Gaining Perspective
Impact Reflection Paper
Letter to My Future Self
Smart Goals Assignment
Steps to Making Choices
The Costs of Vandalism

Online Seminar/Quiz:

Responsible Hosting
Residence Community Living Standards Quiz

Fire Safety Self Seminar


We also offer a number of in person seminars that focus on Alcohol, Cannabis, Decision Making, and COVID-19.  Each seminar is led by another student at the University of Guelph and are approximately 50 minutes in length.  Seminars take place at a variety of times throughout each week.  If you have been asked to sign up for a Seminar, please e-mail for more information.