Residence Community Living Standards

NOTE:  The information below describes residence expectations for the 2021-2022 academic year.  We are reviewing our protocols in consultation with public health and other university experts and changes that result of the changing circumstances of COVID-19 will be clearly communication to all current residence students via e-mail.

For students assigned to West Residence, please take the time to read the West Residence Living Standards so that you know the rules and your rights and responsibilities.

Any questions? Ask the Residence Life Staff or Student Housing Services or e-mail 

As a resident, it is your responsibility to comply with the behavioural standards outlined here. Our Residence Community Living Standards (RCLS) exist to support your learning and overall personal wellness. Ignorance, anger, alcohol or substance use will not be accepted as an excuse, reason or rationale for unacceptable behaviour. The RCLS also encourage you to take responsibility for your actions to ensure that everyone in residence has a safe and enjoyable experience. If you have any questions regarding the RCLS please contact us at or talk to your Residence Assistant, Residence Life Manager, or Area Coordinator.

Behaviour that does not comply with our RCLS will typically be followed up by the Residence Life Staff (RLS). The RLS will identify any problematic behaviour and will take steps to resolve or document the incident. Additional information on how we address and resolve behaviour that does not comply with the RCLS is outlined in the Process section. Of course, all residents must abide by all Federal, Provincial, and Municipal laws as well as University policies and regulations. This includes compliance with directives from Public Health agencies. Any behaviour by residents that does not comply with these policies and regulations will be addressed. We encourage all residents to read the University of Guelph‘s Policy on Non Academic Misconduct.

COVID-19 and the RCLS

In order to maintain communities that are safe and respectful during the time of COVID-19, students are expected to abide by any directives from Public Health agencies as well as Universities guidelines established to help stop the spread of COVID-19.  These include:

  • Face coverings - all students are expected to wear a face covering when in any campus building, including residence.  
  • Guests - guests are not permitted in residence.  
  • Social gatherings* - parties and social gatherings are not permitted in residence.  Students are expected to abide by the posted lounge capacity.

*Lounge access will be restricted during lockdowns and students are not permitted to have others in their personal residence room/units, even those from the same building. 

Violations of the above expectations that are not covered in the remaining RCLS expectations below will be considered "Not Cooperating with Staff" found under Respect and will be escalated through our conduct process quickly.  Our approach is focused heavily on education however continued non-compliance or engagement in significant behaviours may lead to eviction from residence.

For more information on COVID-19 and residence, including accommodations for face coverings, please visit our Residence Life During COVID-19 page.

The Residence Community Living Standards are categorized into these areas:


The RCLS which also fall under the Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct are indicated by an asterisk “*”. These RCLS may be associated with common campus outcomes.

Student Housing Services (SHS) is committed to supporting the personal, social, and academic success of students who live in residence. Exceptions to the Residence Contract, which include the Residence Community Living Standards, may be made to meet a medical, religious or cultural accommodation request. In order to ensure clarity as to this exception and request for accommodation, SHS will work to establish an agreement for the safety and well-being of individual students and the community as a whole. Students who wish to request special consideration with respect to a Residence Community Living Standard policy (e.g. candle use or medical cannabis use) may do so by contacting their Residence Life Manager, Area Coordinator.

Please note that accommodations are not guaranteed as SHS must consider the potential impact on the health and safety of the surrounding residence community, as well as any legal obligations that may exist. For additional information or questions on requesting a special consideration please contact


You will learn a lot living in residence. You will learn how to share a common space, how to negotiate with a roommate, what a “boogie” is, ways to manage your time, appreciate different perspectives, and what it means to be a part of a community!


We know that mistakes will happen and, while we deal with serious issues in a manner appropriate to the behaviour, in most situations our goals with the conduct system are to help students:

  • Learn their rights and responsibilities
  • Encourage growth, development, and accountability in understanding how one’s actions impact themselves and others
  • Rebuild trust within the community

To learn more about our approach and Restorative Justice philosophy, check out the Process section.

As a member of a residence community, you have agreed to contribute to this type of learning environment and abide by a set of expectations to support community living. This type of living environment is not for everyone. This document outlines standards to help support you and others to have a fantastic experience in residence this year.  If you think you will struggle to share your space with others, get along with people with different interests and values, or to adapt to live by the Residence Community Living Standards then you may want to spend time reflecting on whether residence is the community you choose to be part of.


Our community in residence includes many different folks. 

  • You – each and every student is a member of our residence community by choosing to live here.    
  • Other students – you can expect the community you are living in to be shared by many other students.  Some of these students will have similar interests and lifestyles to you while other students will not. 
  • Residence Life Staff (RLS) – there are over 170 upper-year students who work and/or live in residence to help ensure your experience is the best it can be.  Some of these roles include:
  • Residence Assistants (RAs) - live in your community and are an immediate resource to you.  They can also be found walking around the building each night while they are on-call talking to students who are out and about and making sure everyone is being safe.
  • Community Assistant’s (CAs) - live in your community and assist the Residence Life Managers by meeting with students when violations of the RCLS take place.  They are also on-call.
  • Programme Facilitators (PFs) – live in our Living Learning Communities and have a similar role to RA’s.
  • Cluster Leaders (CLs) – live in your communities and provide program-specific programming, study sessions, and resources.
  • Duty Staff (DS) – work primarily in South Residence to assist RAs with on-call Thurs-Sat evenings.
  • Residence Life Management Team – are the professional staff who manage the students and staff in the residence halls.  They include Assistant Residence Life Managers (ARLMs – South), Residence Life Managers (RLMs – East and North), Area Coordinators (ACs) and more.  You can learn more about these roles by visiting the Meet Us section of our website (INSERT LINK).
  • Desk Services Staff – are professional staff and student employees who work in our 3 Residence Services Desks located in Prairie Hall (for all South Residences), Dundas Hall (for all of East Residences), and L/A (for all of North Residences).  To access RLS on-call, report damage, or ask for help for any issue you may be having, contact your Residence Service Desk at 519-824-4120:
    • NORTH x 58122 OPEN 24 HOURS
    • SOUTH x 58123 OPEN 24 HOURS
  • Guest Table Staff – these are students who work in residence to help educate residents on responsible hosting of guests and facilitate the guest sign in process.  If you’re bringing in a guest, make sure they have proper ID!  More information about our guest policy can be found on page.
  • Interhall Council – represent you as your residence student government.  All residence halls will have a President, Vice-President, Social Coordinator, and Public Relations Officer and host weekly hall council meetings to help bring residents together.
  • Campus Community Police (CCP) - you may find our friendly CCP Officers walking through the halls as well.  Sometimes they are there to attend to issues in the community but most of the time they just want to say hi and get to know you. If you ever encounter an emergency, contact Campus Community Police at 519-840-5000.


We want to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. If we don’t know the answer, we will get one for you. For general inquiries, visit Student Housing Services in Maritime Hall (8:30 am - 4:45 pm) or e-mail For questions regarding the Residence Community Living Standards (RCLS), contact the Residence Behaviour and Wellness Manager at Residence Life Manager, Assistant Residence Life Manager, and Area Coordinator offices and Residence Service Desks are located throughout our buildings. 


Community living works best when the rights of others are respected, and individuals take responsibility for their actions. They are as follows:


  • To an environment that is conducive to learning, wellness and academics
  • To have your person, property and views respected
  • To feel safe and secure in your residence community
  • To be treated fairly and have an unbiased conduct process


  • Not to contribute, condone or act in a way that infringes upon another student’s rights
  • To treat all members of the residence community with respect
  • To act in a responsible manner that does not compromise your own safety or endanger the health and safety of others
  • To read, understand and abide by the Residence Contract, the RCLS and the University’s Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct


  • Check and respond to your U of G email account regularly
  • Follow all rules and regulations as established by Student Housing Services and the University of Guelph
  • Follow all administrative procedures such as room checkouts and lockouts
  • Carry your University of Guelph student identification with you


  • Obtain content insurance to safeguard belongings
  • Work together to keep our communities safe.  When things happen in the community that threaten it, help hold others accountable or ask for help from Residence Life Staff, Desk Staff, or Campus Community Police.


For more information on these topics, please click the links below or use the menu bar to the right of the screen (on desktops).



Residents must check out of residence as per guidelines outlined by Student Housing Services.

The following are fees that may be applied: 

  • Improper Checkout $125.00
  • Lock Change $75.00
  • Abandoned Property Removal $25.00
  • Key Sign Out (after 3 per semester) $5.00
  • Late Extension Requests $20.00
  • Late Key RETURN $20.00

Fees are not inclusive of all fees that may be applied. Additional fees and administrative policies are available on our website.