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Sexual violence is a serious and complicated reality both on and off university campuses. Sexual violence is not tolerated at the University of Guelph and our Residence Life team in collaboration with Student Wellness Services is dedicated to providing education and supports related to sexual violence.  



When someone experiences sexual violence, our Residence Life Staff Team is trained in providing immediate support and connecting survivors with appropriate resources. We provide a safe and non-judgmental space for students to receive the support they need. 

For more information on the University of Guelph’s resources and response to sexual violence visit the University's Sexual Violence Support Website


How can we respond? 

Student Housing Services may respond with one or more of the following actions in response to a complaint or request to investigate an incident of Sexual Violence: 

  • Meet with the complainant 

  • Meet with the respondent 

  • Temporarily relocate one or more parties (especially if parties reside in the same residential community) 

  • Provide referral for accommodation and/or support to parties involved 

  • Investigate the incident and communicate a decision to the respondent under the Residence Community Living Standards or the Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct (we will preserve the privacy of both the complainant and respondent and will not publicize that an investigation is taking place or notify others of the results) 

  • Request that Campus Safety Office investigate the incident on behalf of Student Housing Services 

  • Refer a case to the University Judicial Committee for decision under the Policy of Non-Academic Misconduct 

  • Consult with the Student at Risk Team to provide accommodation and support 

  • Facilitate a restorative process to repair harms (impact from incident) and rebuild trust 



During Orientation Week, our “Can I Kiss You?” event sets the standard: sexual violence will not be tolerated, active and enthusiastic consent is imperative, and Gryphons look out for each other and stand up to sexual violence when they see it happening. Additionally, Residence Life Staff facilitate activities planned as part of our campus-wide "Stop. Ask." campaign. For more information on this campaign, visit the University's Sexual Violence Support Website or contact


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