If you are a first-year student, you can choose to live in an Academic Cluster. This is a small group of students, all in first year, who share classes and their living space. It’s designed to give you more opportunities to make friends, learn and study together, and support each other through some of the challenges of starting University. You also get to interact with faculty and staff who are there to help, and a Cluster Leader who will help organize study groups and other activities.

When you live in an Academic Cluster, you are likely to learn better study habits by working with the others in your cluster. And it’s easy to make friends because you always have something to talk about. Many of the study groups formed in these first year clusters last all the way through university, and many of the friendships last well after graduation.

You’ll also be able to take part in tours of on-campus laboratory space, special discussions and academic support activities.

Where are Clusters Located? 

Clusters are located in a variety of residences across campus, including South Residence, Johnston Hall and Lennox-Addington Hall. 

What will I Gain by Living in a Cluster?

  • live, study and socialize with 50 students who share your academic program
  • meet and be mentored by senior students, called Cluster Leaders, who have taken some of the same courses as you and who will live in your cluster
  • have "insta-friends" in your classes, labs, seminars and residence
  • interact more with Professors, academic and resource staff from Faculties and University departments
  • explore ways to get involved in a wide range of opportunities available
  • be supported in academic transition from high school to university
  • enhance your in-class learning by participating in a wide range of activities organized and facilitated by your Cluster Leader
  • have fun!!

What are Some Recent Events Clusters Have Run?

  • trips to Ripley's Aquarium and 'behind the scenes' at the Toronto Zoo
  • tours of the on-campus Human Anatomy Lab and Ontario Veterinary College
  • tour of the McLaughlin Library and introductions to library resources
  • essay writing workshops
  • jeopardy-style study sessions
  • research information nights
  • time management strategies sessions


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