Rental Rates and Payments

Family Housing Rental Rates


For NEW tenancies starting May 1, 2024

Location Unit Type Monthly Rent 
Wellington Woods Two-bedroom townhouse $1,575.00
78 College Avenue Two-bedroom townhouse $1,575.00
78 College Avenue One-bedroom apartment Type C $1,275.00
78 College Avenue One-bedroom apartment Type A, B, B1 $1,340.00
78 College Avenue One-bedroom apartment Type BM1, CH, CM $1,350.00
78 College Avenue Two-bedroom apartment Type D, E $1,485.00




All rental rates include heat, electricity, and water.

Existing Residents:  Although we are partially exempt from the Residential Tenancies Act as an educational institution, the University of Guelph has traditionally followed the annual Provincial rental increase guideline. The Ontario rent increase guideline for 2024 is 2.5%.  To view your monthly rent account, log in to the Housing Portal.


How to Make Rental Payments

You can pay through Online or Telephone Banking or Post-dated Personal Cheques. Or you can pay with Cash or Debit Card by coming in person to the Family Housing Rentals Office, located at 78 College Avenue West, Unit 132. Detailed information follows below.

PLEASE NOTE: You can also use these same methods to pay miscellaneous charges such as damage, energy charges, ResNet and A/C installation.

You cannot pay your rent with a credit card, Pay-Pal or email transfer.


Online or Telephone Banking

You can use Internet or telephone banking to pay your monthly rent at most major banks and trust companies. The date that you submit the deposit online is the date we honour: we understand that it may take several days to reach our office.

In order to pay through your bank account, you must add us as a new payee. The process for doing so is as follows:

  1. Go to the bill payment section of your online banking services and select the option for adding a new payee.
  2. Enter the search term "Guelph" into the payee search / find function of your institution. A list of all payee selections for the University as well as those for the City of Guelph will show up.
  3. Select the payee named "UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH RENT FAM HSING" (or for some banks, another abbreviation such as "UNIVERSTIY OF GUELPH RENT FAMHOUS")
    • If another University of Guelph payee is selected (such as “Student Fees”, your payment will go to another area of the university and can’t be transferred.
    • If you cannot find a "University of Guelph Rent Family Housing" option, you cannot pay online.
  4. Select the option for paying a bill to the payee selected in the step above.
  5. Your Account Number will be a 5 character (no spaces or dashes) combination of your Location and your Unit Number.
    • For College Avenue, your first two characters will be CA and your last three characters will be your unit number.
    • For Wellington Woods, your first two characters will be WW and your last three characters will be your unit number.
    • For example: If you live in Unit #132 at College Ave, your account number will be CA132. If you live in Unit #2 at Wellington Woods, your account number will be WW002.
  6. Specify your rent amount and confirm that you wish to make the payment. When your payment has been accepted, you will be given a confirmation number. We strongly recommend that you make a note of that number, and print off a copy of the confirmation message.


Personal Cheques

Family Housing monthly rent may be submitted by personal cheque, payable to the University of Guelph. Please ensure that your unit location, CA for College Ave and WW for Wellington Woods, as well as your unit number are clearly identified on the face of the cheque and allow for the appropriate amount of travel time to reach our office. You can drop off your cheque at the Family Housing Rentals Office at 78 College Avenue West, Unit 132. You can also mail the payment to the following address:

Residence Admissions - Family Housing Rentals Office 
Student Housing Services
78 College Ave. West, Unit 132
50 Stone Road East
Guelph ON N1G 4S7


Cash or Interac (Debit Card)

We are not able to accept cash or debit card payments at this time due to COVID-19.   If you are not able to make payment using the other methods listed above, please contact us so that we can arrange an appointment for you to make a cash/debit payment in the Family Housing office.  Access to the Family Housing office is by appointment only until further notice.

If you have any questions please contact the Family Housing Rentals office at .