Short-term Furnished Suites

Student Housing Services offers limited temporary short-term accommodation in our Family Housing community at Wellington Woods (252 Stone Road East) and 72 College Avenue West.  Our short-stay furnished suites include amenities such as towels, linens, dishes, pots and pans as well as standard furniture (bed, dresser, desk, lamps, tables, chairs and coffee table).  Short-term suite accommodation is intended for temporary visitors who are directly affiliated with the University of Guelph, such as visiting researchers, post-doctoral fellowships, interns, visiting faculty. graduate research, etc.  

We have a two-bedroom unit at both Wellington Woods and 78 College Avenue for couples and families, as well as a one-bedroom apartment (78 College Avenue) suitable for a single individual or couple.   Minimum length of stay is one week, to a maximum of three months.

Rental Costs:  (effective January 2021) 

* Rates are subject to change and will be confirmed when booking.

Two-bedroom townhouse at Wellington Woods or 78 College Avenue:

Weekly Rate:  $518.00 

Monthly Rate:   $ 1441.00

One Bedroom Apartment at 78 College Avenue West: 

Weekly Rate:  $518.00

Monthly Rate: $1234.00


Download our Short-Term Accommodation brochure.

College Ave Living Room

78 College Avenue:  Kitchen, living room and dining room area.

College Ave Kitchen  

78 College Avenue:  Kitchen area, two-bedroom townhouse.