College Avenue

College Avenue is a community comprised of 121 one-bedroom apartments, 11 two-bedroom apartments and 68 two-bedroom townhomes. We offer a well-developed residence life program that promotes community development amongst residents and social events to bring both children and parents together in a friendly atmosphere. A coin-operated laundry room is centrally located for easy access by all residents. Two playgrounds, a soccer field and a volleyball court are also located in the community. Our College Avenue site is conveniently located very near to the Ontario Veterinary College, and a short ten-minute walk to main campus.


Unit Descriptions

Each two-bedroom townhouse (two-storey) contains a foyer, living room, dining area, kitchen, outside storage room and outside patio on the first level. The second floor has two bedrooms, bathroom, study nook, and interior storage room. There are no basements.

Each two-bedroom apartment (ground level) consists of a foyer, living room, dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, study nook, interior and exterior storage rooms, and an outside patio.

Each one-bedroom apartment consists of a foyer, living room, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, study nook, a balcony (units located on the first floor have an outside patio), interior storage room, and exterior storage room on ground level. There are several different floor plans and three different rental prices.


Each unit has a fridge, stove and carpeting. We provide hot water, heating, and an air exchange system. One parking space is provided per unit, and limited visitor parking is available. Tenants must arrange internet, telephone and cable television services with a service provider. There are no restrictions on what service provider you choose.  All units are unfurnished.


Monthly Rental Fees (for leases that begin or renew annually in 2020)   

* as per the Residential Tenancies Act, rent increases will be based on the Provincial guideline set each year, and will be applied annually on the anniversary of the lease start date. 

Fees include heat, electricity and water.

1-Bedroom Apartments

Model C $986.00  Floor Plan Model C 
Model B, A, & B1 $1038.00  Model B  Model A   Model B1 
Models B1M, CM, & CH $1047.00  Model B1M

2-Bedroom Apartments

Model D & E $1147.00 Model E 
Model EH $1147.00

2-Bedroom Townhouses

Model F $1209.00  Model F