Themed Learning Communities



What is a Themed Learning Community? 

Themed Learning Communities give you a chance to meet your learning needs with like-minded peers. You don’t have to be in a specific academic program to join one of these. Choosing a Themed Learning Community is a wonderful way to tailor your residence experience to specific lifestyle preferences you may have.  


What Are the Themed Learning Communities?  

Study Intensive Community 

We recognize that students have varying needs when it comes to their living environment. For those who seek a quieter-than-average community to pursue their studies, there is the option to apply to live in a Study-Intensive Area. 

Study-Intensive Areas are areas in residence where 24-hour quiet hours are in effect. Students in those communities work together with the Residence Life Staff to create an atmosphere of respect, courtesy, and consideration in maintaining a reasonable level of quiet. 

If you are interested in this option, it is important to understand your responsibility in maintaining the standards set for that community. You must be willing to be an active partner in this venture, and must accept the following community standards as listed in the Residence Contract. Please take the time to read over these carefully. 

It is also very important for you to understand the limitations of this kind of program. Student Housing Services strives to promote community living and social interaction among students in residence, including students in Study-Intensive Areas. While these areas provide a quieter-than-average environment, they are not immune from the sounds and distractions that are a normal part of day-to-day campus life. Individuals expecting absolute quiet at all times may not be well-suited to residence living, even in a Study- Intensive Area, and may want to consider other living arrangements. 


Substance-Free Community 

Are you a non-drinker who would prefer to live with others who aren’t consuming alcohol or cannabis? The substance-free community may be perfect for you. You will be supported in your desire to stay sober and be involved in substance-free social activities organized in the community. Mutual respect for your peers is key to being a successful substance-free community. 


Varsity Athletes Community 

If you are a varsity athlete, you know that your schedule is often a challenge – and your need to be up for early-morning practices can be annoying to room-mates. In the Varsity Athletes Community, you’ll share the residence with other athletes who understand the challenges of mixing competitive athletics with demanding academic work. To live in a residence area with other Varsity Athletes, check with your coach about getting a referral. 


How Do I Join a Themed Learning Community? 

It's easy! When you complete your online Residence Application, select your preferred Themed Learning Community as a building choice in the Residence Preferences section. Learn more here.