Living Learning Communities


What Are the Living Learning Communities?  

There are seven co-ed Living Learning Communities are designed to encourage interaction by bringing together students with common interests. This is a place to live and to learn, a place where the whole world is your classroom. Groups of 25 to 50 students live in each community, where they share experiences, have fun, and learn together. All of them are vibrant and unique places to live. 

The cornerstone of the Living Learning Community experience is social and educational programming and involvement. Through programming, residents learn about so much more than just their classroom curriculum. Each house has a Program Facilitator (PF), who plans events around the theme of the community, helping to create a strong and exciting community. 

Students don't have to be registered in a related academic program to apply for a Living Learning community. 

Just show enthusiasm for the theme of the house and a commitment to participate in house events. In the end, it's the students who make each Community a success. Whether you choose to formulate new ideas, expand your creative interests, surround yourself with Francophone culture, immerse yourself in an exciting international setting, or build a lifestyle that is dedicated to the environment, you'll find what you're looking for! 


Arts House (Maids Hall) 

Maids Hall is a small traditional red brick building built in 1914 and is home to one of the Living Learning Communities on campus—Arts House. Most of the 50 students living in Arts House share double rooms. They form an eclectic residence community of students interested or involved in all forms of artistic expression. Everyone is welcome—scientist, actor, musician, economist or artist—as long as you're willing to get involved! Spontaneous, creative and energetic are words often used to describe the groups of students living here, whose goals are creative expression and self-discovery. Most of the 50 students share double rooms and everyone uses the study room, piano room, fireplace lounge, two kitchens, and craft room.  

Picture of a three young women planting a tree


Eco House

If you are dedicated to learning about environmental and social issues and want to make responsible changes in our society towards living in harmony with the planet, then Eco House may be the residence experience for you. Eco House is an upbeat and supportive community dedicated to learning about environmental and social issues and using that knowledge to create changes within individuals and in the larger community. Residents also balance their politics with fun and interactive events and activities. After all, what's the point of saving the forest if you don't take time to frolic in it? 


Indigenous House 

Interested in living in a vibrant and respectful intercultural community and learning about First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures? Indigenous House is a supportive environment centered around self-discovery, community and Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing.  You will have opportunities to learn with First Nations, Inuit and Métis Knowledge Holders, staff and faculty through ceremony, storytelling, circles, socials and events.  All students are welcome to join this community to gain a greater understanding of themselves and others.  Indigenous House is supported in collaboration with the Indigenous Resource Centre. 


International House 

If you are dedicated to learning about different cultures, food, and people around the world, then International House may be the residence experience for you. International House is an upbeat and supportive community dedicated to learning about global and social issues while engaging with students from all cultures and backgrounds, using that knowledge to create changes within individuals and in the larger community. Residents also balance their politics with fun and interactive events and activities. Students connect with others about food, music, culture, and even host an event called World on a Plate for others outside of their community to engage with! 


La Maison Française 

La Maison Française (located in East Residence) Pour retrouver une ambiance familière et la complicité entre personnes d'une même culture. Pour trouver des amis et se faire comprendre à demi-mot. Pour passer une bonne soirée grâce à la musique, aux films et à l'humour que vous aimez. Francophones, la Maison vous est ouverte. Pour avoir un contact intime avec une culture, grâce à sa présence vivante. Pour apprendre une langue qui vous a ravi les oreilles, ou pour fignoler la connaissance que vous en avez. Francophones, la Maison vous est ouverte. Si vous voulez vivre dans un groupe d'étudiants passionnés et pleins de projets, venez vivre avec nous à la Maison Française. 

Students on Gryphon statueIn French House, you will have a chance to live in a tightly knit co-ed community, located in East Residence. You can develop and maintain your language skills in an environment where others speak French. You don't have to be bilingual, but you do have to have an interest in learning and improving your French language skills. Celebrate and learn about Francophone cultures and traditions from around the world while building a supportive and open-minded community. This fun and supportive community has strong ties with the French department on campus. 


Leadership House 

Welcome to Leadership House, where residents are actively volunteering and engaged! Guelph students have a strong history of being volunteers and Leadership House was developed to allow a community of like-minded individuals to live and explore voluntarism together. In addition to being active students academically, residents of Leadership House will spend time participating in various leadership opportunities, working on community service projects, participating in residence and campus events, and making their marks as volunteers in our campus and city communities. The students in Leadership House are all very ambitious, creative and helpful students who want to make a difference starting at the beginning of their university career. Each year residents will select one special "legacy" project to work on. As a community, under the guidance of your Residence Life Staff, you will work together, share resources and ideas, develop and implement strategies to ensure that your special project is a success.  

Leadership House is a wonderful experience to have in your first year because of the opportunities that are presented, the skills that you gain, the friends you will make (with like-minded goals) and the changes you will make. Leadership House is not just a community, but a lifestyle choice that has the ability to set up your leadership and involvement for the rest of your university career in a fun and supportive atmosphere. 


English Learning House 

If you have ever thought of teaching English overseas, or are simply interested in learning teaching techniques, English Learning House is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and meet new friends while helping International students learn English. Living in the English Learning House offers great benefits to all who reside there. If you're an International student studying in the English Learning Program, it's a natural way to practice and develop your English conversational skills. If you are a Canadian, or English-speaking student, you will meet students from around the world and learn some basic teaching techniques to help your new friends in the House. 


How Do I Join a Living Learning Community?  

It's easy! When you complete your online Residence Application, select your preferred LLC as a building choice in the Residence Preferences section. Learn more here. 


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