Transfer and Off-Campus Students

Students chatting in a residence room

Transfer Students

International transfer students as well as transfer students from outside of Ontario are guaranteed residence. 

Domestic transfer students within Ontario are not guaranteed residence, with offers being provided only after all eligible first-year students have received accommodation. Transfer students who apply and pay the $750 residence deposit by June 3, 2024, will be entered into a transfer student lottery and will receive a waitlist number or offer of residence (pending availability) by June 9, 2023.   

You are encouraged to explore off-campus housing as a backup plan. For additional support and resources visit the Off-Campus Living Website.  


How to Apply


Off-Campus Students

If you are interested in returning to residence after living off-campus you will be considered an off-campus student. Off-Campus students will automatically be placed on the upper-year waiting list, which is set up on a first-come, first-served basis, so the earlier your application and deposit are received, the better.


Waiting List

If you are a transfer student applying after June 3, you will be placed on the first-year waiting list.

If you are an off-campus student applying at any time you will be placed on the upper-year waiting list