Winter Residence

Picture of the East Residence townhouses in winter.

Winter Semester Residence

Already in residence?

If you are currently living in residence for the Fall semester, you don’t need to submit an application for the Winter semester. Your original application was for both semesters. You’re set!

New to residence?

We are excited that you are considering residence for the Winter Semester! You might have previously lived off-campus, be coming to Guelph on an exchange program, or returning from a co-op or study abroad (see below). We hope to have enough spaces for everyone interested, but can’t guarantee it.

Here’s what to do:

Read the Residence Contract.

Complete the online residence application and submit your $750 residence deposit to Residence Admissions.

We’ll contact you as soon as we know about your residence options.

Co-op & Study Abroad Students

Are you currently away from campus because you are on a co-op or Study Abroad semester, and want to apply for residence during the Winter semester?

If you lived in residence during your last academic semester (in other words, last Winter semester), you’ll get a higher priority for being assigned a residence room (as long as you’ve sent in the completed form and deposit). Still no guarantee, but we will do our best.

If you do not live in residence during this Winter semester, you will lose priority for the Fall residence application.

If you are overseas and are concerned your application and deposit will not arrive by the deadline, please contact our office at

If you did not live in residence during your last academic semester, please send your application and deposit without delay so that we may place your name on the waiting list. You will be classified as an off-campus student reapplying for residence. The waiting list is set up on a first-come, first-served basis, so the earlier your application and deposit are received, the better.

Exchange Students

There will be no exchanges during the Winter 2021 semester.



More about Residence Life:

The North and South Residences require a meal plan; the East Residences do not require a meal plan. The amount of space in East is limited so we may not be able to find you a spot in East even if you request it. Our dining services do offer a range of foods including vegetarian and vegan.

Bedding is available for rent from your Residence Service Desk for a cost of $25 (includes blanket, pillow and sheet set).

If you are assigned to a room equipped with a kitchen (East area residences) you are responsible for supplying your own utensils. You may want to wait until you arrive and check with your roommates before purchasing anything.

You will be expected to check out 24 hours after your last scheduled exam time in April. The final closing date for residences at the end of the Winter exam period is Wednesday April 28th, 2021 at noon.

Paying Your Deposit by Other Means:

Overseas exchange students are the only ones who can pay their residence deposit by credit card.

There are several methods of paying the deposit that are available to all students. If you do not have a Canadian bank account that will support online payment, credit card payment or e-transfer can be arranged for you. To arrange an alternate payment method, please contact