Special Accommodation Requests

West Residence Accommodation Request


Generally, residence and room assignments are made based on a randomized lottery system that takes into consideration your preferences.  However, we recognize that some students have unique circumstances that require special consideration. If this describes you, here’s what you need to know:

  • We can’t guarantee that all requests will be accommodated, but we will work with you in finding a living situation that meets your needs.  Most of our residences can accommodate a variety of accommodation needs.  For a list of the most common requests and associated residence locations, consult the Accommodation Request Assignment Locations summary.

  • If you are requesting an accommodation request because of medical, mental health issues or disabilities, we ask that you have a professional who is working with you directly to provide confirmation on the request form that can be downloaded below. If citing lifestyle, cultural or religious reasons, an attesting professional's supporting document/signature is not always necessary. We will contact you if we require additional information.

  • We will keep the information you share confidential, but may need to consult with others within the university (ie. Student Accessibility Services) in order to provide you with the most suitable accommodation.

  • 2018 When you have completed the form, including the section completed by the professional, submit it to Residence Admissions by email or fax.

Medical Marihuana

In consideration of revised legislation around the use of marihuana for medical purposes, Student Housing Services, in consultation with campus stakeholders, has developed a Medical Marihuana Policy for accommodating authorized individuals. This Policy is intended to balance the need to accommodate the medical needs of an individual with the potential impact on the health and safety of the surrounding residence community, as well as meeting any legal obligations that may exist.  

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted in residence in two locations (East Village Townhouses and West Residence), subject to conditions and appropriate documentation.  Students requesting permission to bring a service animal to residence must meet with the Director of Housing prior to approval being granted.

To apply, download the following:

2019 Accommodation Request Form

List of Accommodation Request Assignment Locations