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Interested in applying for Family Housing at the University of Guelph? 


UPDATE:   We are not currently making Family Housing offers at this time.  No offers available for May 1 or June 1.


Prior to completing your Family Housing Application, here are a few things to consider:


  • Due to high demand there is currently a long waiting list for applicants. Those on the wait list are not guaranteed housing. To explore other housing options in Guelph, please visit the Off Campus Housing website


  • to apply for a Family Housing apartment or townhouse, you must be a full-time registered student (or have accepted an offer of admission) at the University of Guelph 
  • it is essential that you remain affiliated with the University for the duration of your tenancy (summer semester off excluded) 

Your Start Date:

  • Vacancies occur throughout the year, so you can apply for a start date at any time during the year
  • January, May and September are the most popular start dates and typically, demand exceeds supply
  • You can apply for a lease start date one month prior to your semester start date (for example, you can start a tenancy August 1 for the fall semester)


  • You will be asked to tell us your preference for a unit type and location on your application.  More details can be found at Wellington Woods or 78 College Avenue
  • We do not know where our vacancies will be located in advance, as our residents give us 60 days notice when they are leaving Family Housing

Rental Deposit:

  • If you receive an offer, you will be asked to submit your first months rent as a deposit.  Do not send payment unless an offer is made. 
  • We do not ask for payment of last month's rent or other deposits.