Withdrawing From Residence Mid-semester

Have you decided to move out of residence partway through the year?

Before you make up your mind, we’d encourage you to talk with your Residence Manager and discuss the reasons you want to leave. Sometimes there are solutions you haven’t thought of, and your Residence Manager may have some options you didn’t even know were available.

Already had this talk? Okay, here’s how to check-out of residence:

  • Notify your Residence Assistant or Residence Manager that you will be moving out
  • Pack and move your belongings
  • Take your keys to the residence desk; you’ll be asked to complete the check-out form and a questionnaire. (You can be fined if the keys are not returned or the documentation is not completed, so this is an important step.)

The residence desk staff will let Student Housing know that you have gone, and any charges or refunds will be processed. See the Residence Contract for the details.