Packing to move to residence can be stressful because you don't want to forget anything!  We've created a handy list for you!  Please note that this list is just a guide to help you, based on input from our past first year Gryphons.   We've left off the "basics" like your clothes, shoes, and your cell phone!  If there is anything that you're not sure about, drop us a line at or open up the Live Chat box through our website (bottom right chat box is open during office hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm).

What to Bring

  • Personal toiletries and hygiene products (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, etc.)
  • Bath towel, hand towel and facecloths 
  • A printer cord to connect directly to your printer.
  • Headphones
  • Alarm clock
  • Backpack
  • Bicycle and bike lock (although you probably won’t need a bike to get around, you can walk to anywhere you need to go in 15 minutes or less!) 
  • Blankets, sheets, pillows, etc.  All beds are standard twin size. 
  • Clothes hangers
  • Dishes, cutlery, mugs and glasses
  • Reusable beverage container
  • A bar-size fridge for your snacks and drinks 
  • Health card and other forms of personal identification
  • Additional lamps and lighting (no halogen lamps) 
  • Laundry basket and supplies (detergent, etc.)
  •  A power bar
  • Pens, pencils, and other school necessities
  • Personal computer
  • Pictures, posters, things to personalize your room
  • Printer and printing supplies
  • Recreation equipment (footballs, Frisbee, etc.)
  • Shower shoes (betcha didn’t think of that one!)
  • Snacks
  • Toilet paper (it is supplied, but some folks like their own brand!)
  • Umbrella
  • University documents (including your room assignment information!)
  • A personal fan
  • Storage containers 
  • Clothes for hot and cooler weather


What NOT to Bring

  • More than one vehicle! 
  • Alcohol (during Orientation Week)
  • Alcohol paraphernalia (like funnels, pipes, bongs, drinking hats, etc.)
  • Beer bottles, bubbas, kegs, mini-kegs etc. 
  • Candles or incense - open flames are not permitted 
  • Drug paraphernalia (such as pipes, vaporizers, bongs, etc.)
  • Drum sets
  • Electric/gas heaters or heat lamps 
  • Explosives (fireworks, etc.)
  • Large exercise equipment (including treadmills, stationary bikes, step machines, “Bowflex” etc.)
  • Large pieces of furniture (ie. folding tables)
  • Halogen lamps - they pose a fire hazard 
  • Hot tubs
  • Kitchen appliances for use in your bedroom, including toaster, microwave, freezer, laundry machines, hot plate, sandwich maker, indoor grill.  East Residence and East Village excepted, because you have a full kitchen.  Small appliances can be used in kitchen lounges.
  • Landline phones or fax machines (they won’t work) 
  • Pets (except non-dangerous fish)
  • Satellite dishes
  • Water coolers
  • Water beds
  • Weapons


Important Notes:

Keurig-type coffee makers?  Yes, you can bring them.  However, please use them in the residence kitchens and kitchenettes that are designed for this purpose.  Using a coffee maker (of any type) or other small kitchen appliances (kettles, toasters, etc.) may set off a fire alarm.

Create a Move-In Label.  This will help our Orientation Volunteers during Saturday move-in to get your belongings to the right place.