UPDATED July 31, 2020

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For information about symptons, risks and health care related to COVID-19 visit the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health website at



The COVID-19 landscape remains dynamic and ever evolving. As we plan for fall 2020, our decision making continues to be guided by a set of principles established by University leadership. Top amongst these principles are our commitments to the health and wellness of our campus community. Following  extensive consultation, the University of Guelph, like other Ontario universities, has decided to restrict campus residence to international students and students with special circumstances, such as limited internet access, unsuitable living arrangements for successful studying, or those with no alternative housing.  We will be reaching out in the near future to all students who submitted a residence application and deposit to determine eligibility for on-campus housing this fall.  


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Website Disclaimer:  Due to the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, information stated herein is subject to change in response to a change in government regulation and/or Public Health guidelines.


Frequently Asked Questions 

For New Applicants

For Current Summer Residents

For Family Housing Residents




Q:   Since residences are only open to those who fit one of the eligibility categories, do I still have to fill out the Residence Questionnaire?
A:  Yes, please fill out the Questionnaire!  Even if you are not eligible, we want to hear from you:
a) to let us know that you want us to move your residence deposit to your Fall 2020 student account,
b) to let us know that you may be interested in residence for the Winter 2021 semester if residences re-open, and
c) to formally cancel your residence application.
The Questionnaire is located on your Housing Portal at


Q:   If I am arriving from outside of Canada, am I required to quarantine?  How will I quarantine in residence?

A:  Yes, it is mandatory that anyone arriving in Canada from outside the country MUST quarantine for 14-days after arrival.   If you are in residence, you can apply for a 14-day quarantine period accommodation package that includes airport transportation, meals and housing.  To apply for the 14-day Quarantine Housing period, see more information at 


Q:   How can I fill out the Questionnaire if I don't know yet if I have any face-to-face classes?

A:  If you complete the Questionnaire and then confirm afterwards that you have a face-to-face course requirement, you will be able to re-submit your eligibility request on the Housing Portal.  If you have classes that require you to be on campus for face-to-face interaction, we will re-assess your eligibility.  


Q. What are the criteria for living in residence this Fall?

A:    The following criteria will apply:

  • Limited access to internet at home
  • Unsuitable living arrangements to support studying
  • Upper year student in a program that has face-to-face course components and student lacks reliable transportation to and from campus
  • Required physical proximity for face-to-face student services (e.g., Student Health Services, Student Accessibility Services). These services will be fully accessible online or virtually throughout the academic year
  • Student housing is a condition of your scholarship (e.g., Loran, WUSC)
  • No other suitable housing arrangements (e.g., international students)
  • Student athletes who are required to be on campus for training
  • Other extenuating circumstances identified to Student Housing Services via a questionnaire posted to the Housing Portal


Q:  How and when will I know whether all of my classes are online?

A:  The University of Guelph will be ensuring that first year students can complete the semester without visiting campus.  For more information about course registration, visit the University website at


Q:  What if I have to be on campus for in-person requirements and I am too far away to commute?

A:  If you are required to be on campus in-person to complete your studies, you may be eligible to live in residence.  Please log in to the Housing Portal to indicate that you have special circumstances.  We will be sending an email to all applicants once the Residence Eligibility Form is available on our website.  Click here for the Housing Portal 


Q:  Why did you wait until after the June 1 deadline to make this decision?

A:   The COVID-19 pandemic has created complex situations that change quickly; it makes planning and decision-making incredibly challenging. We apologize for this. We had been hoping to welcome all students to campus in September, but recent public health updates and predictions, provincial directives and announcements made by other universities in Ontario and across Canada made it clear that we had to limit the number of students on campus significantly. While this was a difficult decision, it was evidence-based. We believe it is the best way to help ensure the health and safety of our students and the broader University and Guelph communities.


Q:  If I am eligible to live in residence, may I still have a preferred roommate?

We will only be offering single room accommodation during the fall semester in residence.  Room assignments are now complete for eligible applicants, and therefore we can no longer accommodate suitemate/live-near requests.


Q:  May I live in residence in the Winter 2021 semester?

A:  We will reassess our residence decisions for Winter 2021 according to public health considerations and the needs of students.


Q:  If I ask for my deposit refund, will that affect my ability to live in residence if you open residences for Winter 2021?

A:  We cannot confirm our residence occupancy for Winter 2021.  However, all new student applicants who met the Residence Application and deposit deadline of June 1 will be given priority for residence, subject to availability.        


Q:  Is it possible to move my deposit to next Fall 2021 and live in residence next year?

A:  No, if you are entering your second year at the University in Fall 2021, you will no longer be guaranteed a place in residence.   However, you will receive a priority invitation to apply for a limited number of upper-year residence spaces.


Q:  If I am not allowed to live on campus this fall, but during the semester my circumstances change and I have nowhere to live and need housing, will I be eligible to live on campus?

A:  Students who experience unsuitable living conditions that compromise their academic success will be eligible to apply to live on campus throughout the Fall semester.   Mid-semester entry to residence will depend on the availability of spaces at that time.


Q:  If I am granted residence because I meet one of the eligibility requirements, where will I be assigned?   Will residence assignments still be done by academic program?

A:  Decisions about assignment locations and academic cohorting have not been finalized at this time.  We will be following the guidance of our Public Health unit to determine the most appropriate location for our residence students this fall.


Q:  If I am granted a space in residence, what kind of support programs and services will be available in residences?

A:  We will have Residence Life staff and support services in residences for students living with us.  We are currently working to ensure that your campus residence experience is safe, supportive and fun. Additionally, our top-ranked Student Services that are provided in-person or online for all students will also be available for students living in residence.


Q:   If there is a second wave of COVID-19 during the fall semester and residences are declared closed and we have to vacate, will we receive a refund of our residence fees and deposit?

A:  ​It is uncertain how long the pandemic and the related Governmental Response will continue.  If there is a resurgence of the virus during the fall semester, the University will continue to adhere by the requirements of Government and Public Health guidance to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.  If the Residence Contract is terminated early by Student Housing Services due to the coronavirus, fees will be refunded from the check-out time to the last day of classes as defined by the University's academic calendar on a pro-rata basis. 


Q:  Will I still have to pay the single room rate?  If yes, I cannot afford to live in residence and I would like to cancel.  Will I receive a full refund?

A:  Students assigned to a single room will be charged the single room rate.  All of our fees are based on the room type.  We encourage students facing financial difficulties to explore financial assistance options, including a payment plan, by reaching out to our Student Financial Services department at The deadline for cancelling your residence reservation for a full refund is July 15th.


Q:  Can I still get a room transfer if I don't like my assignment?

A:   Room transfers are not possible as we have assigned students according to academic cohort.  During the academic year, we do not want to risk moving students into a different location.  Conflicts within a living environment will be managed through our Residence Life staff.


Q:  How will residence work if physical distancing is still advised?

A:  We are in consultation with our Public Health unit to ensure that we are in compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices to protect the safety of our students.  We know that reducing in-person interaction and use of common spaces (such as washrooms, group common spaces, etc.) is essential to prevent the spread of the virus.  


Q:  I am worried about sharing a room due to concerns with COVID-19 transmission.  Can you guarantee me a single room?   

A:  Yes. We are planning to reduce our capacity to assign single rooms to all incoming students, in consultation with our local Public Health unit. 


Q:  Will there be additional cleaning of common spaces in residences this fall?

A:  Yes, the cleaning schedule of shared spaces and surfaces (ie. doors, railings, etc.) will be enhanced in the fall to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Q:  Will you require students to wear masks?

A:  Yes, students will be required to wear a mask while on campus.  Further details about the wearing of masks on campus can be found on the University of Guelph COVID-19 information page at


Q:  Will outside guests be allowed to come in residences?  Will they be screened?

A:  We will be following the advice of our Public Health unit on whether screening or masks will be required by outside guests.  At this time, we anticipate that guests will be permitted under certain conditions, provided that physical distancing is maintained.  This may change if circumstances warrant us to restrict access to residences. 


Q:  What will Orientation look like?  Will we still have events and activities in residence?

A:  Welcoming you to campus as a new Gryphon is very important to us!  It might look a bit different than our traditional O-week, but we will have virtual events and activities in residence, as well as programs that can be effectively delivered while maintaining 2 m physical distancing.  Our Residence Assistants (RAs) will still be working hard to develop a sense of community and supporting you in new and creative ways.  Gryphons are an innovative bunch, and we can't wait to see what new ideas will be implemented!     


Q:  Is the Student Housing office open?  

A:  Our Student Housing main office (Maritime Hall) and Family Housing office has transitioned to work-at-home operations. Contact us by email at or by telephone at 519-824-4120 ext. 58701 during office hours.  Our East Residence Desk is open 24 hours to serve students currently living on campus.



Q:  What should I do if I am showing symptoms of COVID-19 and I am living in summer residence? 

A:  If you have been granted an extension and  experiencing flu-like symptoms, please stay in your room and send an email to  Also, please self-isolate immediately and follow the advice of Public Health found at


Q: Are the dining halls open for meals during the summer months? 

A: No, all dining locations are closed.  Hospitality Services encourages all remaining students to use off-campus partners for meal delivery.  East Side Variety is open. For more information, see the Hospitiality Services website at


Q: Are the Residence Desks open? Are Residence Assistants still available? 

A:  East Residence Desk is open 24 hours per day.  Our Residence Managers are here on campus, and available by phone and email to assist students who are staying with us for the summer semester. 





Q: How can I connect with Student Housing Services?

A:  Members of the Student Housing Services team are connecting with Family Housing residents via email and by phone. To help plan resources and supports, they are collecting information about who is remaining on campus and who may be away temporarily.  Employees in the Student Housing Services office are working remotely. They can be reached by email and will respond during normal office hours, weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Q: I am self-isolating due to COVID-19. What supports are available to me?

A: If you or someone in your unit is self-isolating, Student Housing Services can help arrange assistance. Email and a member of our team will contact you to discuss what supports we can provide.


Q: I’m feeling disconnected from my community. What can I do?

A:  Our community life staff is planning virtual programming to maintain our sense of community and to help during this time of uncertainty and physical distancing.

If you have any questions about the programing, would like to suggest an idea or program or want to contribute to the development of programs, please connect Barb Robbins at


Q: A fixture in my unit broke. How do I get it repaired?

A:  For the safety and security of our staff, we are only responding to emergency work orders at this time. Our trades and maintenance staff will wear protective equipment while in housing units.

If you are self-isolating due to travel or presumptive exposure, or you have symptoms of COVID-19, you must inform us when you submit a work order.

Email to submit your work order.


Q: Can I still access the laundry facilities?

A:  Student Housing Services is providing temporary free access to laundry facilities at 78 College Ave., excluding commercial-sized machines.

When using the laundry facilities, you must maintain two metres’ distance between yourself and others in this common space.

Laundry and other community space facilities are cleaned daily.


Q: I have concerns about my ability to pay rent. What should I do?

A:  If you have a concern with your ability to pay your rent, contact so we can work with you on a solution.


Q: How is the University maintaining security during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A:    U of G’s Campus Community Police are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you need non-emergency assistance from Campus Community Police, call 519-840-5000.  In an emergency, call 911.


If your question is not answered here, please send your question to