Room Transfers


​We understand that there are situations where you may not be happy with your placement or thriving in your current community.  If we can – depending on vacancies – we may be able to transfer you to another room or building.

Although we do our very best to accommodate your residence assignment preferences, it is not always possible to offer you exactly what you requested.  Priority for assignment preferences is determined by random lottery, and your assignment will be dependent on your lottery number, what you asked for and how many others asked for the same thing.  If you would like more detailed information about how we perform room assignments, visit our Room Assignments page.

If you did not receive ANY of your assignment preferences, we are often able to accommodate transfers based on cancellations that come about prior to move-in.

To request a Room Transfer prior to move-in, please follow these steps:

  • Fill out the Room Transfer Request Form between August 8 and August 15   ** NOTE:  The Pre-Move In Transfer Request Form is now CLOSED
  • If you filled out a Transfer Request Form prior to August 15, we will use this form to transfer you if possible due to vacancies that arise through cancellation, OR if there is a mutual request where we can swap you with someone asking for your room type or residence
  • If there are medical circumstances, please let us know and provide supporting documentation (required).  Medical needs are prioritized according to individual circumstances.  
  • If we are not able to accommodate your requested Room Transfer, you will be notified by August 18.  The In-Semester Room Transfer Request will open September 18. 


Once you have moved in to your residence community, we wait a full week after classes begin for our residence communities to engage.  In many cases, we find that the overwhelming experience of moving to campus, Orientation Week, establishing networks and starting into the routine of attending your classes has settled down by the end of the second week and the urgency for a room or building transfer is no longer an issue.   However, you may still feel that your current location is not working for you.  On Monday, September 18, you will be able to submit a Room Transfer Request Form.  Transfer Requests can only be granted when and where vacancies exist within our residences.   In emergency situations, transfer requests will be considered prior to September 18 - please contact your Residence Assistant or Residence Manager in situations that require direct intervention.

Here’s what to do:

  • Fill out the Room Transfer Request Form between January 9 and April 6
  • If you are requesting a transfer due to a roommate or community conflict, you must first contact your Residence Assistant or Residence Manager (for in-semester transfers after you have moved in only).
  • If there are medical circumstances, please let us know and provide supporting documentation (required).  Medical needs are prioritized according to individual circumstances.    

Room Transfer Tips

  • Changes can take place ONLY after they have been approved by Student Housing. Please don’t attempt to organize your own transfers with friends or other students.
  • There may be additional charges or credits when you transfer, depending on your new room type and location.  For example, if you are in double room and ask to be transferred to a single room, you will be charged the new rate pro-rated based on the date you check-in to your new room assignment. These will be posted to your account. Contact Student Financial Services if you have any questions.

Priority for a Room Transfer

Student Housing Services staff will determine priorities when vacancies for transfers become available.

If you have a documented medical need, please be sure to explain this and include documentation when you complete the application. If you have not already done so, complete the Accommodation Request Form.