Lambton Hall


Lambton Hall, a co-ed residence in a four-storey building, has been recently renovated to add suite-style rooms on the first and second floors.

Lambton Hall


Hall Features

  • A four storey building accommodating 380+ students

  • First and second floors consist of suite-style rooms - two (or three) single rooms with shared ensuite and kitchenette area.  

  • Third and fourth floors consist of double rooms.  These two floors feature gender neutral washrooms shared by the community on each floor. Washrooms are used by one resident at a time and are lockable.  Each washroom suite consists of a sink, toilet and shower.  

  • A communal lounge and kitchenette can also be used by third and fourth floor residents.   

  • Upper floors are divided into "sections", each section has a lounge and students are assigned to rooms located on either side of the lounge.

  • Lounges are equipped with a kitchenette and a microwave.

  • The layout of the rooms and lounges allows for lots of interaction between students.

  • Lambton is serviced by two elevators.

  • Lambton is locked on a 24 hour per day basis, residents are provided with keys to the building and their room and mailbox.

  • Two large building lounges (Fireplace Lounge and Games Room) allow for large scale activities to take place - lounges are available on a drop in basis or may be reserved for a special function - The Fireplace Lounge features a TV, pool and ping pong tables and wireless internet. The downstairs Games Room features a large open space, TV and a separate kitchen that may be signed out.

  • Music practice room with piano and a meeting/group study room are available for sign-out.

  • Large Study room with individual study carrels located on main floor of residence.

  • Laundry facilities include washers and dryers

  • Please note that personal cable television is not available in Lambton and personal telephones are not provided in the units.

  • Hockey equipment and bicycle storage is available in the building. A separate key may be signed out from the Facilities Coordinator in the SHS Main office in Maritime Hall in order to access these rooms.

  • Lambton Hall has WiFi throughout the building.

  • All Lambton residents are required to purchase a residence meal plan.



Lambton Double RoomThis is Lambton DOUBLE ROOM 

Image is to scale, and is representative of a typcial room.  Not all rooms are identical.















Lambton Suite


Image is to scale, and is representative of a typcial room.  Not all rooms are identical.















Floor Plans 


Lambton Hall - First Floor

Lambton Hall - Second Floor

Lambton Hall - Third Floor

Lambton Hall - Fourth Floor