Laundry Services

Load up your laundry card

Don't save up your dirty laundry all semester - we've got you covered!   Laundry services are available in each of our residence communities.  

When you arrive, you will be issued $50 pre-loaded Laundry Card to get you started.  

The laundry machines operate on a card system with a declining balance. You can add funds to your laundry card at your Residence Desk. Laundry card balances are non-refundable, so we recommend adding about $20.00 at a time to your card. Increments of $20 will allow for an even number of loads - $2.00 for a wash or a dry.

What should I do if there is a problem with a machine?

Problems with machines should be reported to the residence desks. The University of Guelph is not responsible for damage to clothing.

When is the best time to do my laundry?

Based on several years' student self reporting; to avoid crowds, the best day(s) to do laundry are Monday through Thursday and try to avoid the 6 pm -10 pm time frame. Saturday tends to have about 20% of students doing laundry and Sundays have been closer to 30%. The other option is to do laundry early in the morning (before 10 am on weekends) or if you have some time off during a weekday, the laundry rooms tend to be fairly quiet before 6 pm.

What are the costs?

When you move-in to residence you will receive a $50 laundry card to get you started.  Each load will cost $4.00 ($2 wash and $2 dry), so you will get 10 loads of laundry done.  Once you have run out of funds on your laundry card, you can add any amount to your card through your Residence Desk.

In the last weeks before you move out of residence, keep track of the balance of your laundry card. Only put on the amount you need to finish your laundry. Student Housing will not refund money left on your Laundry card, however you can re-use this card if you plan to continue living in Residence, or you can give your card to a friend you know will be in Residence next year.