Message from the Director

Irene Thompson PhotoFrom the Director of Student Housing

Living in residence can be an amazing experience where you will learn a great deal about yourself, be exposed to ideas and people that you have not encountered before, make life-long friends, and become an active part of a very dynamic community. We hope that you will feel supported, that you will have fun, that you will learn a great deal and that you will quickly think of the University of Guelph as your home. Even if all these good things happen, you will also have challenges. You may face obstacles that cannot be moved or problems that cannot be solved. Finding ways to cope and overcome the impact of these things is a part of becoming independent and self-sufficient and part of the preparation for a life that will continue to provide you with challenges. Your success will be measured by how you respond. There are many people within the residences and throughout the university that can help and provide support when you are struggling but in some cases you may need to speak up and ask for that help. Please do not hesitate to do so.

You will get the most out of your residence experience by getting involved in your community. Meet as many different people as you can. Maintain an open mind. Recognize your responsibility as a community member to work with your fellow residents to ensure that everyone has a fun, educational and safe experience. We count on you to help us ensure that the residence experience is positive for all who choose to live on-campus.

I would like to extend my warm welcome to you as a member of the Guelph residence community.

~ Irene Thompson

Director, Student Housing Services