Residence Fees

Fees are established in the spring of each year through the Board of Governors for the following academic year cycle.  A Schedule of Fees can also be found in Section 16.1 of the Residence Contract.

The fees listed below are inclusive of the $750 residence deposit, which is applied to the Winter semester fees.  For example, if the Winter semester fee is $3654, the student will pay $2904 in the winter semester, provided that the $750 deposit was paid in full.

Fall 2019 - Winter 2020 Residence Fees

Room Type Campus Area Deposit Fall Semester Winter Semester Total Residence Fee *
(applied to winter semester fees) (amount owing after $750 deposit applied to fees)
Single Room North and South $750 $3,727 $2,977 $7,454
Single Room Johnston Hall $750 $3,781 $3,031 $7,562
Single Room  East Residence $750 $3,892 $3,141 $7,783
Single Room Lambton Suite (2 or 3 bdrm suite) $750 $3,892 $3,141 $7,783
Single Room University Houses $750 $3,586 $2,836 $7,172
Single Room West 3 bdrm Townhouse $750 $3,586 $2,836 $7,172
Single Room East Village 4-6 bdrm Townhouse $750 $4,150 $3,399 $8,299
Double Room North and South $750 $3,195 $2,444 $6,389
Double Room  Johnston Hall $750 $3,236 $2,486 $6,472
Double Room East Residence $750 $3,458 $2,707 $6,915
Triple Room North and South $750 $2,965 $2,214 $5,929
Quad Room North $750 $2,843 $2,093 $5,686


Supplementary Residence Fees

In addition to the above-noted Fees, the following additional charges will apply:

  1. Residence Activity Fee for Interhall Council - $23.28 per semester (currently under review and is subject to change). This fee is collected on behalf of the Residence student government to support hall council activities;

  2. Early Arrival/Late check-out - Residents who wish to arrive prior to Residence Opening Day or remain after their Check-out Time must obtain prior permission from SHS. An additional per diem charge will apply;

  3. Other Charges - Other charges may be applied for fines, damage repairs, improper check-out or room assignment changes, lost Keys, etc. Appeals of any such charges must be made, in writing, to the Associate Director, Facilities Services. 

Summer Residence Fees

Only the East Village Townhouses, University Houses, and West Residences operate during the Summer semester.

Summer 2019 Residence Fees

Room Type Campus Area Summer Residence Fee
Single Room  University Houses $1800
Single Room West Residence 3 bdrm Townhouse $2000
Single Room East Village Townhouse $2000

Family Housing Unit Fees:  

For rental rates for Family Housing units at Wellington Woods (252 Stone Road West) and 78 College Avenue West please visit our Family Housing site.