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As September approaches, we want YOU to have some familiar faces in residence before even moving-in. Introducing the Welcome Home Series, where we will share introductions from many of the fabulous staff on our Residence Life Staff Team. 
Get familiar with who they are and their role, why they love living in residence, and what they suggest to make the most of your year. 
Abby - Residence Assistant
Abby, East Residence Assistant 
Hi, I'm Abby! I’m going into my 3rd year of being a Residence Assistant, where I support incoming students and help them with the transition to University.
Why do you love living in residence/residence life? 
I love residence life because it gives first year students a great support system to have the best transition possible to University. You’re surrounded by others going through similar things, as well as lots of supports.
What tips do you have for a new student related to residence? 
Use the supports available to you. Res Life and the University offer so many supports, in my experience using those has been really beneficial. Talk to your RA when you get here, as they’ll know where to point you for your specific needs, but two key ones are the library (they host lots of workshops and 1-on-1 supports, and can even proofread your essays) and wellness services (there are counsellors specifically for students living in residence, as well as workshops and peer support).
Check back often as we upload more staff profiles throughout the summer!