Navigating South Residence

The first time you step in to South Residence, it may appear confusing, so we have put together this handy guide to help you navigate South Residence. You will soon be able to navigate your way around with ease.

South Residence is divided in to THREE HALLS — Mountain, Prairie and Maritime.

Each Hall is divided into FOUR COMMUNITIES.

Mountain Hall Communities: Valley, Foothills, Woodlands and Glacier.

Prairie Hall Communities: Horizon, Grasslands, Homestead and Tundra.

Maritime Hall Communities: Cove, Seaway, Harbour and Schooner.

Each Community is divided into THREE TOWERS. Towers are numbered 1, 2 and 3.

Each Tower is divided into ROOMS. 

Rooms can be either an ALCOVE ROOM (inside the tower) or CORRIDOR ROOM (between towers).


Understanding Your Room Number

For example, your room number is Grasslands 245. Here is what that means:

You are Prairie Hall - Grasslands. 

The first digit is the number your TOWER.

You are in tower 2.

The second number is the floor LEVEL.

Your room is on the 4th level. *

The last number is your ROOM NUMBER.

Your room number is 5.

Please note: All rooms are above ground and have windows with natural light. If you are on Level 1 (the middle number of your room number is 1), you are still above ground. Street level (the entry overpass) is between Level 2 and 3.


Alcove or Corridor Room?

If the last number of your room number is 0-5, you are in an ALCOVE room (within the tower).

If the last number of your room number is 6-9, you are in a CORRIDOR room (between the towers).

All rooms have the same amenities and furnishings, but each style of room has a different layout.

Floor Plans of each RoomType can be found under Our Communities.